How a training and development program helps employees?

How a training and development program helps employees?

Employee Training and Development Program- What is all about?

Training and development is an attempt to upgrade the present or future staff performance by enhancing the staff’s potential to accomplish the goal through knowledge, by altering the staff’s approach. In the nutshell, training helps the employees to learn specific knowledge and skills to perform better in their existing roles. However, development focuses on the future role of the employees. There are plenty of reasons to initiate employee training and development programs. There are several reputed training and development companies that equip employees with the knowledge, skills and behaviour to perform optimally on the job which is increasingly important for the organization success.

Reasons for Starting Training and Development Programs for employees

Engaging staffs through training and development is not just a mere investment in their current and future role, instead, it creates a great asset for the business. An organization can accelerate their growth by using technology designed to improve skills, performance quality and productivity of their employees. Let us see a few outstanding reasons why it’s important to engage in training and development programs in companies.

  • Increases Employee Value – With appropriate training programs, we can expect improvement in employee performance. The employee who pursues the necessary training, strengthen their skills and is able to perform many perspectives in the job.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency – When the business links the training objectives with the strategic goals, it increases the productivity, efficiency and performance of the employee. As a result, the organization get better ROI. Apparently, training is a boost to develop certain competencies and to improve operational efficiency.
  • To get updated to the latest standards – Learning standards getting outdated frequently, therefore when we want to stand out in the competitive market, we should ensure that the organization is updated with the digital learning strategies. There are several training and development companies that deliver scalable, accessible, and malleable training by integrating across all learning areas and domains, offering a complete learning journey.

A well-thought-out training and development strategy develops employees’ potential and helps in stimulating the company’s outreach.

Skilled Manpower Resource Solution – Prompt Personnel

Skilled Manpower Resource Solution – Prompt Personnel

Human resource outsourcing allows companies to delegate assignments related to human resources (e.g. benefits of management, salaries, recruitment, training, and other management tasks) to a team of skilled HR professionals, instead of recruiting internal HR staff. Companies are now slowly entering the practice of outsourcing human or skilled manpower resources. The majority of companies accept that their employees are their most valuable assets. Managing human resources has now become a critical role in the management of a business. However, for some companies, the various functions of the human resource department are too comprehensive and complicated to maintain. Advantages of outsourcing HR functions:

  • Cost savings: The operating costs for HR services are generally very high. Many small companies simply cannot afford these costs and find it more economical to outsource HR functions. Outsourcing HR firms such as HR consultancy firms in Mumbai helps you to reduce your costs and avoid trying to keep non – revenue expenses financially generated.
  • Payroll: Compared to the cost of keeping an in – house payroll employee, outsourcing costs are very low. The outsourced company can provide advice on taxation and deduction issues and offer an accounting payroll analysis.
  • Risk management: Jobs and labor laws change periodically, and it can be difficult for you to stay up to date on regulations affecting your workplace. Outsourcing companies employ HR professionals who want to keep up to date with state and federal employment laws.
  • Efficiency: It is crucial that the workplace must be efficient and productive. The outsourcing of HR functions increases the efficiency of HR systems. The advanced technology of human resources used by outsourcing providers helps improve significant human resources functions, such as payrolls, benefits management, and compliance management.
  • Conformity support: This is where many small firms have real problems, particularly with changing laws on recruitment, management of insurance claims and benefits. The biggest problem is that failure to comply can have serious financial implications. Outsourcing a trusted provider such as HR consultancy firms in Mumbai can help you understand these laws and regulations and take action to comply.
Prompt Personnel – Approach of Recruitment Consultancy

Prompt Personnel – Approach of Recruitment Consultancy

The best temporary staffing companies such as Prompt Personnel are capable of offering end to end solutions for your temporary or flexible staffing needs. This is how these companies can help reduce your costs, manage your workforce, and also make you a lot more productive than what you were before. The best thing about companies such as these is that they enjoy a commendable presence in India and the experience they have in this domain is extensive, to say the least. This is how they make sure that you get the maximum possible benefits from the service that you provide to them.

Innovative solutions

The HR and staffing solution in Mumbai that they offer to you are innovative and smart, to say the least. As has been said already, these companies have branches at all the major cities in India such as the following:

  • Mumbai

  • Delhi

  • Bangalore

  • Chennai

  • Kolkata

  • Hyderabad

How can temporary staffing help you?

There are so many ways in which acquiring temporary staff can be beneficial for an organization. When you do so you bring down the resource allocation related expenses and you also have the added flexibility to deploy people for the time period that you see fit. Yet another major benefit of such services is that you get enough scope to review how well these temporary employees are performing and on the basis of that you can choose the best to work in your company for a permanent basis.

Help with professional staffing

The sstaffing companies in Mumbai that we are talking about over here are capable of providing you with employees who are highly skilled and thus extremely proficient in the role that you need them to play. If you are a manufacturing unit that needs technicians and engineers these companies can arrange that for you; if you need software engineers for the IT industry they can help you and they can also get you resources who hold professional degrees such as MBA. The thing with these organizations is that they work for all the prominent sectors and the workforce that they provide is capable of dealing with all your needs and requirements as an organization.

Help with white-collar general staffing

If you need assistance with white collar jobs and general staffing, you can be sure that these companies would be able to help you as well. If you need people in your organization with general and basic skills you can be sure that you would get that from them as well. They normally offer graduates to work in these roles – these professionals are capable of providing support related function in each and every kind of working environment.

Help with blue-collar general staffing

Just like meeting your white collar general staffing needs these companies are capable of meeting your blue collar general staffing requirements as well. In this context, they provide you undergraduates who work on minimum wages. Apart from this, they are capable of providing professionals for managed services as well

Save Overhead Costs with Help from Temporary Staffing Agencies

Save Overhead Costs with Help from Temporary Staffing Agencies

With the help of temporary staffing companies in India, you can now be in a great position when it comes to saving overhead costs as such in your organization. These days, there are a number of organizations that are offering flexible and temporary staffing solution in Mumbai of the highest order. With the help of the services that they provide, you can now restrict your business expenses, manage their workforce-related requirements, and enhance their overall productivity as well. The best part of their services is that you can do it in a highly efficient and effective manner. There are now several top-notch names in India as far as this particular segment is concerned.

They enjoy a commendable presence in India and much of this is because of the extensive background that they have in this particular regard. It is thanks to such experience that they ensure that you are able to derive the maximum possible rewards. The HR solutions that they provide are smart and innovative, to say the least. It also needs to be mentioned that these companies have offices in all the major cities of India such as the following:

  • Mumbai

  • Delhi

  • Bangalore

  • Chennai

  • Kolkata

  • Hyderabad

How does the acquisition of temporary staff help you?

There are significant benefits to be had by hiring temporary staff members. It can bring down the costs incurred in areas such as resource allocation and also enables you to be flexible with regards to deployment of human resources as and when you need to do so. One of the biggest benefits in these cases is that you have more space to assess these employees in your unique work environment. It is on the basis of this assessment that you would then be able to recruit that person on a permanent basis.

Professional staffing

Normally the professionals who are offered by these companies happen to be highly skilled and they are also extremely proficient in the type of role that they are being asked to play, albeit on a temporary basis. In most cases, they offer professionals such as engineers as well as technicians who work in manufacturing units. They can also supply software engineers for the IT companies as well as MBAs and holders of other professional degrees for other sectors. These companies provide services to all the important sectors out there and have professionals for almost all kinds of jobs.

General staffing

As far as general staffing is concerned they can offer both white-collar and blue-collar employees. In the white-collar sector, they offer professionals who have all the requisite general skills that you may need for your business. These people are usually graduates who are capable of providing support functions in all sorts of office working environments. In terms of blue collar jobs, these organizations cater primarily to the manufacturing sector. In these cases, you are basically looking at undergraduates who work on minimum wages. Apart from that, they are also capable of providing managed services

Labour Law Compliance Solution For a Company Or a Business House

Labour Law Compliance Solution For a Company Or a Business House

Every company that employs a certain number of people comes under the ambit of the labour laws of India. You would be amazed to know that there are more than 20 different labour laws that are applicable to all companies. Some of these laws are :

  • Shops & Commercial Establishments Act

  • Contract Labour Act

  • Minimum Wages Act

  • Employees Compensation Act

  • Payment of Wages Act

  • Payment of Gratuity Act

  • Sexual Harassment of Women At Workplace Act

The above list is just an indicative one, but it gives us an idea of the myriad aspects of a company’s functioning these laws cover. It is a cumbersome job for any company to keep track of whether all its departments are complying with all relevant aspects of the labour laws. This is called labour law compliance, and it is a source of a lot of heartburn and anxiety for companies, so that they do not fall foul of the law.

The human resource department within a company can be expected to keep track of compliance and handle all labour law audits. But that might not always be a great idea, primarily due to the following reasons :

  1. Human resources might not have complete access to and expertise of all the current updates to labour law legislation

  2. They might have access to local support groups and local wisdom which can help in the correct interpretation of labour laws in the local context

  3. During statutory audits, the human resource department might not have adequate bandwidth to handle the extra workload

This is the reason why many companies appoint an external agency or firm as their labour law advisor. This move can have several advantages, some of which are listed below :

  • Having the in-house team handle its own compliance assessment could result in several clashes of interest. Having the compliance assessed by and handled by an external agency would result in good governance practices.

  • The internal human resource team would have to handle labour law compliance along with all other functions. This might result in some lapses which could cause loss of reputation as well as financial losses. Entrusting an external agency with complete responsibility would make them completely responsible and ensure that the quality of compliance is maintained.

  • Because the entire job would be done by an external agency, therefore the company wouldn’t need to hire additional manpower to handle labour law compliance. This would reduce the labour costs and overheads for the company.

  • Because the adherence to labour laws would be completely handled by an external agency, therefore the human resource team would be able to devote more time and energy to other strategic initiatives in the area of human resources.

Because of all the above reasons, it makes much more sense for a company or business house to entrust the important job of labour law compliance to an expert agency instead of loading the in-house human resource department with this job. There are several good companies who would be able to take up this responsibility.

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