How to prevent employees from Ghosting you?                                 

How to prevent employees from Ghosting you?                                 

There are numerous cases where candidates fail to revert to the employer after a successful interview and this is defined as ‘ghosting.’ It is when an employee that engages with you, abruptly disengages with you. A lot of time and effort goes into a hiring process and when employees ghost the employer without any intimation or reason, all that effort and time seems to have gone futile. However, there are many ways for the employer to ensure that they do not get ghosted and their efforts are fruitful. A few of them are mentioned below.

1. Keep the process short: By extended the hiring process lengthy and unreasonable, there is a high chance for the employee to change their mind about joining the company. Make sure to keep the process to the point and short, so that one doesn’t lose good employees in the process.

2. Develop a personal relationship with candidates: Developing personal relationships with candidates ensures that the candidate feels a connection with the team and company, which in turn keeps the interest level of joining that firm high.

3. Keep them engaged: The process doesn’t end with just hiring an employee, one needs to keep the employees engaged and interested throughout their course of the tenure.

4. Talk about salary early on: By bringing up the salary expectation question early on, both the sides know how much they need to offer to make the candidate stay.

5. Conduct respectful interviews: In no circumstance should the employee feel disrespected in or after the interview process. That demotivates them and detaches them from the idea of joining the company.

Ghosting cannot be fully prevented but it can definitely be reduced by taking the measures mentioned above. Keeping the gap between the interviews and joining date short also helps keep the employee focused on one company only. Maintaining a good relationship with the employee from the start, furthermore, helps keep the employee engaged and comfortable.

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