Virtual Recruitment – All You Need to Keep in Mind

Virtual Recruitment – All You Need to Keep in Mind

In the current world scenario, most companies are running operations from home. Communication and coordination within companies is also seeing a new normal with video calling softwares and apps. In the world of recruitment as well, there are plenty of things changing and taking shape. If you’re a company that is still hiring during this pandemic period, you may want to get well- equipped with a few basics when it comes to conducting virtual interviews.


  1. Using the correct video calling software –
    Imagine you’re in the middle of a serious interview process and the software starts to show some glitches. That would make a really wrong impression on the aspiring employee. Make sure your internet is functioning well and the software is up to date before you jump on the interview.
  2. Competent interview tools –
    Although nothing can beat personally interacting with a potential hire to understand their personality and work ethics, with social distancing, that may not be possible. To test competency of potential employees, make sure you
    are prepared with what questions are to be asked and tools needed to evaluate their performance.
  3. Background checks –
    With any hire, HRs or hiring managers need to perform background checks but it becomes exceptionally crucial during the current times. Be prepared with a list of references and prior certificates of the candidate that can be checked at any time.
  4. Be presentable –
    HRs and hiring managers are the first point of contact for any potential employee, so make sure you maintain a professional appearance while conducting the interview.
  5. Onboarding process –
    If you happen to take a potential employee up to the finishing line and hire them, try to re-create a formal and official onboarding process as you would do in a normal scenario. Sending out emails to everyone in the team and
    officially onboarding the new member on an all-team video call would be the best way to go about it.

Over the coming months, companies will be effectively working from home, so it’s only best to manoeuvre the challenges that come with it one by one.

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged During WFH

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged During WFH

To overcome this global crisis, many organizations have changed the dynamics by asking their employees to work from home. However, while working professionals turn their homes into offices, they are also handling house chores, family commitments, other tasks, and seeking personal time. In such a scenario, it is important for employees and employers to keep their spirit and moral going. To cope well with these shifts in our personal and professional lives, it is imperative that HRs keep the work community engaged and motivated. Here are some of the ways HRs can use to keep their employees engaged.

  1. Rewards and Recognition
    Offering positive reinforcements to employees acts as a great encouragement. HRs can introduce e-vouchers or coupons to the employee of the week. By awarding them with these vouchers, one can increase their confidence and productivity, as well as introduce healthy competition amongst the team members.
  2. Friday Activities
    Many companies are now introducing ‘happy hour’ Fridays. One hour every Friday is dedicated to fun sessions where employees can interact, drink and eat together, enjoy some music, play the guitar or indulge in any form of entertainment.
  3. Hosting Cook-Offs
    To keep things interesting, HRs are also hosting cook-offs every week with all employees. If you have a common company platform, you could design your own recipe and post it on the page. The best recipe could win incentives in the form of vouchers. This gives the employees something to look forward to in the week.
  4. Online Workout Sessions
    Just like cook-offs, you could also dedicate an hour each week to indulge in a team workout session through video conferencing apps. Doing this will prevent burnout and keep the motivation going for everyone. It’s also a great way to maintain an active lifestyle.
  5. Games and Virtual Parties
    One could also introduce games or interactive sessions during the week or on weekends. There are plenty of online apps like Karaoke apps, gaming apps or interactive apps that allow a group of people to participate in games.

We couldn’t have imagined that we would be living like this until a few months ago. But with changing times, we must adapt to the situation. Adopting these fun tips and tricks to keep the employees engaged while they work from home could do wonders for your organization. We at Prompt had a fun, interactive employee engagement session on Zoom too, where every member of the team showcased their talent and shared it with others. These are some great ways to boost employee engagement and keep their spirits up during this difficult time.




Service: Labor Law Advisory & Compliance Management

Client: NGO

An NGO client had faced a hit on their Fund-raising due to the lockdown and a donation event got cancelled. We foresaw an impact on salaries of employees during this tenure of lockdown.


What did Prompt do?

We advised the CEO to speak to such employees and be transparent about the issues / concerns the company is facing, also take consent from each employee about some minimal deduction from the salary. After talking to employees, they were so positive and accepted to help the company in critical situation wherein some agreed for deduction and some donated their full salary for the month including the CEO, which is the appreciable gesture. CEO thanked our LLC Team for ongoing guidance, prompt response and support.

Outplacement for CMS Employees (In-progress)

2 Hospitals (In-progress)


A global service provider to the automotive and component supply industry


Service: Permanent Recruitment

Client: A global service provider to the automotive and component supply industry

Description: Our client, a global service provider to the automotive and component supply industry placed a request for sourcing Quality Control & Quality Check officers for PPE products in Pune. They have got a request from one of the leading Indian multinational Automobile manufacturing company to help the government in manufacturing PPE products such as Facemasks, Suits, gloves, etc. for the healthcare workers.

What did prompt do?

Prompt Personnel was quick in providing them the candidates they needed in quick turnaround time and received a lot of appreciation from the client. Our quick response time, swiftness and thinking beyond business was highly appreciated by the client.


New Clients


We have signed up with two new clients during this pandemic, and both are essential services providers belonging to Agro Retail and Heathcare sectors.

Client 1: A Leading Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Processing Co.

Service: Temporary Staffing

About Client

It is an aggregator of Farmers, they get fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers and export them post processing in their factory at Nashik. They are entering Retails in Mumbai and Pune Market. They are opening around 10-15 stores in each city.  Later scale up in other cities in Gujarat and other states.

Manpower requirements:  Sales Advisors, Cashiers, Delivery staff.


Client 2: Home Health Specialist

Service: Temporary Staffing

About Client

The Home Health Specialist, provide world-class Home Healthcare services to 1 on 1 patients at the comfort of their home across major metro cities in India. 1 Lakh + happy customers across 5 cities & 22 years of experience in home health care.

Manpower Requirement  :  Nurses & GDA  ( General Duty Assistant ) for home patient assistance.

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