3 Best Talent Acquisition Strategies to Attract Candidates

3 Best Talent Acquisition Strategies to Attract Candidates

It is a known fact that it can be quite tough to get the right candidate for a specific role. Though this is important, recruitment can be a daunting task, and to get it done in a proper way, you need the most efficient talent acquisition approach. And, talent acquisition can help you resolve your long-term organizational requirements.

In this blog, we have mentioned the three pivotal talent acquisition strategies that will help you guide the recruitment process efficiently.

Consider your Business Goals

Think of the business goals for the next few years and you can use those purposes to alter your acquisition strategy that will meet your every single need. Usually, the recruitment consultants tend to focus on filling the vacancies within departments while talent acquisition is all about working on company expansion and then finding employees who will be contributing to achieving your goals.

Obviously, you might not need any roles at the moment but maybe you’ll think of the talent that you’ll need to fulfill your business’s long-term objectives. But, you should always remember that investing in the right talent will be worth it for your company after all.

Usage of both Data & Marketing Business

It is a fact that you cannot create a marketing campaign without data and recruiting can also be not done without it. This is why talent acquisition should be treated with just equal importance as any of the marketing drives. Also, convincing candidates to join your organization is just as important as you could imagine for running your organization efficiently.

However, there are different opportunities through which you can use data to brace your talent acquisition strategy. For this, your expert HR team should collaborate with your marketing department in order to draft emails, job descriptions, career pages, etc.

Broaden Your Sourcing Plans

To find the best talent, you should expand your sourcing pool. Other than spending time on job platforms, you can think of some other specialized job boards or even some networking events that will assist you in finding out the desired group of talented candidates. You should always focus on strengthening relationships along with networking with the right people. This strategy will help you to not only grow your pool of potential hires but also with this, you will grow the brand awareness for your company. This will apparently help you attract talent in the future, too.

Remember, when talented and skilled candidates compare different companies to work for, they will always choose the one that will have the values they resonate with, work-life balance, culture, and pay as per industry standards. If you are refining an inspiring employer brand, then, undoubtedly, you’ll be appealed by best talent while also getting long-term success for your organization. Consult PromptPersonnel, the leading HR recruitment agency, and get resolved your talent acquisition needs in a single shot.

Ways HR Managers Impact Company Culture

Ways HR Managers Impact Company Culture

Among many dynamics, healthy work culture plays a vital role that determines the true success of the organization. Organisational culture stands for shared experiences, behaviors, beliefs, philosophy, and values of the organisation. Culture is a set of unwritten rules and expectations that are written over time and guide the expected behaviours in the organisation. It defines the way an employee should behave within the office premises. This does not relate to only employees but also implies the same for the management of the business that includes the Directors, Founders, Managers, and more.

HR managers play a pivotal role in orchestrating and monitoring the company culture. It’s a known fact that HR Managers are the crucial pillars of any organization that are solely responsible for reinforcing, shaping, and transforming the company culture.

HR has a vital role in perpetuating a strong culture, starting with recruiting and selecting applicants who will share the organization’s beliefs and thrive in that culture. HR also develops orientation, training and performance management programs that outline and reinforce the organization’s core values and ensures that appropriate rewards and recognition go to employees who truly embody the values. Let us have a look at the ways in which HR Managers impact company culture.

Pay Structure

An accurate and precise pay structure reflects the efficiency and systematic approach of an organization and this is primarily managed by the HR department. However, an expert and active HR department considers the skills as well as the credentials of the employees that create an optimistic work culture within the premises.  Additionally, if an HR Manager designs an efficacious and fair compensation program then it will surely attract highly qualified professionals. This will not only keep the employees happier but also inspired all the time while keeping them loyal to the organization. Ultimately, healthy and happy interpersonal relationships among the employees can be seen!

Relationship within Employees

HR is an authorized and trusted connection between the management and the employees. And from the very beginning, the relationship between HR managers and employees is considered to be pivotal for an organization. However, leading HR consulting firms suggest that if an HR manager incorporates operative open lines of communication and conflict resolution programs then undoubtedly the relationship among the employees will be stronger while creating a sturdy organization culture.

Use of Performance Calculation Tools

Besides personal observation and analysis, there are a number of performance management tools that will help an HR manager to study the graph of great business culture. Incorporating a performance management system will allow employees to work smarter along with allowing employees to deal with all the technical tools mandatory to perform their job roles.

Training & Development Programs 

If an HR Manager incorporates excellent training programs that will talk about the significance of employee behavior on the work floor would be of high benefit. However, it all depends upon the department if they want to keep the training external or internal.

Organized internal training will include the in-house expert professionals, employees of different departments, and the external speakers who take on the stage.  While external training can be a sponsored workshop or seminars, online degree programs, and more. In a nutshell, a training program must stress on guiding the employees to act and behave in an acceptable manner while abiding organizations’ rules and work culture.

Down the line, a precisely designed work system will have a long-lasting optimistic impact on the work culture of the organization and this is solely in the hands of a dynamic and responsible HR manager!

If you wish to hire an excellent HR manager for your company then Prompt Personnel, one of the leading HR Companies in Mumbai, would be happy to help you!


Silver Lining

Silver Lining

“Don’t be scared to see up the darkening clouds

There is always, a ray of the Sun, smiling beyond.” 

-Kaji Najrul Islam, Poet

These are dark times since last many months now everyone is only talking about the Covid-19 Pandemic. Talking about deaths, about rising numbers, about depression, about unemployment and much more negativity which is for no good. Therefore, it is better to think POSITIVE, of course, from the perspective of life, and to engage ourselves such a manner so that, we can at least try to get something good from this turbulent situation.

Since last 4 months, being a part of Prompt Personnel Permanent recruitment team, I have been working from home. At first, for a couple of weeks it felt so boring to settle and then I started to adjust myself in the new system and actually found it much better in a productive way. Not only officially as well as from a personal point of view also. I went through a lot of motivational videos, had attended few webinars by motivational speakers, and what I felt and understood, that we all have to learn and live in this situation as a new NORMAL as everything will never be the same as earlier it used to be.

Therefore, I want to share few views, might or might not be agreed by everyone, but sounds and feels effective for me.


Obviously, it’s natural and a matter of worry, therefore we are sticking to the COVID news and discussing the situation 24/7, making life scary for ourselves and also for our close ones. Therefore, it’s better to stay away from the News, particularly from Covid related news. I am doing so, and it feels better and safe, you know, sometimes, in some cases as they say, IGNORANCE IS BLISS. At least, Covid can’t kill you daily, minutes after minutes, seconds after seconds…


As all our outside activities are barred due to the lockdown and all, of course, there will be a bit of more time outside your work hours, which we can use to develop ourselves doing some activities that will develop our creativity, maybe it is drawing, writing, cooking, painting, gardening or anything of your choice. The main thing is to engage yourself, don’t give your time thinking about Covid and Panic.


Working from home, of course, makes you sit hours at one place without walking and going out and moving much. Rather, foodies like me tend to eat a lot of delicious foods,  to add to that No Gyms and health clubs are open during lockdown, so there is little chance to get away from your extra calories. Therefore, only one thing can keep you fit that is freehand exercises, and who can afford fitness devices at home, the point is, to let your extra calories burn, otherwise of course we will be less immune to fight Covid or other diseases as well. Doing Yoga, Meditation will keep your mind calm and delete your worries for at least sometime, it puts a great effect on our minds.


Being human beings of the modern age, we are always busy with the outside world and find no time to talk to our own self amidst the fast paces of life. Thinking and nurturing our own mind, self–check, giving yourself a little bit more space, for a reality check, modifying mistakes, and giving a bit time to understand our own self better may bring a huge change in fact, that extra time has been provided to all of us, due to the lockdown, make the most of it. Maybe we will not find time, if, of course hoping that everything becomes as it used to be. Isn’t it a blessing in disguise! Think.


Reading the above, one might think, it is easier said than done. And they are not wrong if they say so. So of course, if we need to stay in a better place than others, we have to try these at least, and we will see the effect by ourselves. But of course not to forget all the instructions given by the Government to keep yourself safe from Covid Pandemic. Take care of self, take care of the others. Be Sympathetic and Empathetic towards the Infected.


Author: Mr. Ratul Ganguly
Senior Executive Recruitment.



We all know that we are in Lockdown phase and maximum people are working from home.

The two common concerns which I came across while talking to any of my friends, colleagues, relatives and even clients is gaining weight since there is no physical activity& stress as WFH has broken the barrier of time limit of working hours and therefore many a times urgent calls/work at odd hours needs to be attended at that very moment.

What can we do to overcome this, as gaining excess weight& taking stress, both are injurious to Health.


I read somewhere that “OUR BEST FRIEND IS OUR OWN BODY” and hence keeping self-healthy is very important. As I guess nobody of us would like to have SPIRIT/SOUL as a BEST FRIEND, right 😊

I know gym has been closed & we are restricted to morning, evening walks, jogs etc. But we have to live with it and have to find an option to overcome this, as nobody knows when things will be settled as normal.

We all have accepted the life which is now called as the “New Normal”. So, let’s add “me time” in this new normal life…

Let us have “ME TIME” for 1 hour every day for Self.

Divide this 1 hour of me time into 3 phases – I have named is “Ram”

  1. 15 Mins – Relax
  2. 30 Mins – Activity
  3. 15 Mins – Meditation

1st Phase – 15 Minutes – Relax

Calm yourself – Do not think about any of your pending work both Professional & personal, No TV, No Social Media just close your eyes and breathe. You may also listen to your favourite song which will lift your mood. Once you are in your “ME ZONE”, we will go to PHASE 2.

2nd Phase – 30 Minutes – Activity (It is time to get on the floor)

Get up and choose the activity you love to do (Please note Sleeping is not an activity, so you do not have this option during “ME TIME”)

  • Put Loud Music and do Stretching and Basic Exercise,
  • Dance, if you love to Dance
  • Stretching with Basic Yoga
  • Skipping, if you have space
  • Any other Indoor activity which requires physical effort
  • You have nothing in your mind, do some sit-ups, Squats, Lunges.

3rd Phase – 15 Minutes – Meditation

Calm yourself Down – Be seated in a meditation position and just concentrate on your breath. 

Believe me, just follow the above Plan for 6 days as Sunday is cheat day. It works wonders!!

Physical Activity will help you to remain fit & meditation will reduce your stress and yes don’t forget to smile 😊

Author: Mrs. Poonam Gupta
Manager – Client Service (HR Services & LLC)

Latest Trends in HR Outsourcing

Latest Trends in HR Outsourcing

For HR outsourcing trends in 2020, the increased usage of artificial intelligence will be a prominent one. All the industries around the world are using AI (artificial intelligence) to make their processes simpler. HR is not an exception to this norm. Experts say that in 2020 AI would become a bigger part of the daily operations of these companies as it improves workflow and efficiency. They feel that the service providers would use such technology the most in areas such as talent acquisition. Companies that use AI would be able to significantly reduce the time that they take to hire professionals.

They would put a greater emphasis on learning

HR outsourcing companies in 2020 would focus more on training employees so they can achieve definite goals. It could be in the domain of professional or personal development. Such training and education would also encourage the employees further, as they would feel that their employers are valuing them through such initiatives. This will make them more motivated, and thus they would become a lot more productive. Especially in 2020, the authorities would put a greater focus on the personal development of employees along with the professional training and development programs.

They would hire more Flexi workforce  

A lot of companies that offer HR outsourcing services are now looking at ways such as flexi workforce so they can unearth the best talent and get them to work for their clients. This is the reason why they are looking at hiring independent contractors and freelancers as and when they need to do so. These are unconventional options, but they can perfectly fill the skill-related gaps that may be predominant among the professionals whom they have employed on a full-time basis. Experts say that with these professionals their clients can also pick up the pace of work whenever there is a necessity for such affirmative action.

There would be more employees working from remote locations

HR outsourcing companies will also focus on planning so that more people can now work from their homes. This has already become an unavoidable necessity owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before that, in certain countries already millions of people used to work from home in certain sectors. Experts expect that this number would increase significantly in the days to come. There would obviously be some challenges in this context. However, there would also be several benefits such as a greater talent pool to choose from and increased flexibility in scheduling work among employees.

More focus on retention

HR experts say that companies are now starting to come to terms with the importance of finding and training talent adequately so they can retain them in the long run. This is where HR outsourcing companies can play a major role. The major reason for such realization is the low rate of employment all around. This implies that now businesses would try to find the right people straight from the outset, train them properly, and then attempt to retain them to cover for the lack of adequate employees with the necessary skills and qualifications.

Candidates would have a better experience of the recruitment process

Experts predict that in 2020 HR outsourcing companies would focus on improving the recruitment process so much that prospective employees would have an exceptional experience of the same. The number of open positions would increase across the board, and this implies that the companies would have to put in their best efforts to source the finest and most skillful prospects for their organization. One of the various ways they can achieve this is by smoothening out their application processes.


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