How Can Staffing Companies Help in Manpower Planning in the New Normal?

How Can Staffing Companies Help in Manpower Planning in the New Normal?

The global outbreak of COVID19 is probably the most disastrous event the world has witnessed since World War II. Series of lockdowns across the planet meant that the chips went down like never before.Economies crumbled, business vanished, GDPs nosedived, and human life came to a complete halt.Nonetheless, the new year has brought new hopes, and as the restrictions are being lifted, businesses are finally getting back to normal, only that the normal is not what it was!

The pandemic has changed what’s normal, with words like ‘quarantine’ and ‘social distancing’ trendinglike nothing else. To adjust to the ‘new normal’, companies will have to get back to the drawing board and design new management policies, including, and most importantly, for human resource. And for doing so, a reputed staffing company can be of great benefit, here’s how:

1. Time-Efficient Recruitment

Most companies who were affected by the pandemic had to unwillingly layoff a big chunk of their employees. Hence, the most important aspect they’d be looking for is permanent staffing, and quickly too. An established recruitment company like Prompt Personnel, who have years of experience can help you have the best possible talent in a quick turnaround time. Once you have your permanent staff figured out, you can look forward to other aspects of your manpower planning payroll management, onboard training and induction, et al.

2. Impeccable Compliance

Post pandemic, compliance will be the center point of scrutiny and discussion, at least for a couple of years to come. Therefore, having your labour laws in place is important in the new normal more than ever. Several staffing companies in India that offer comprehensive solutions also offer compliance services. The unlock has come with stricter policies, and to ensure that you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law, these companies consistently keep their services updated.

3. Industry Insights

Since the staffing solutions providers work with a large number of companies, many from your industry too, they are informed about the current manpower planning and policies being adopted across the industry. With their help, you can maintain uniformity with the industry, and ensure that you don’t lag behind from the competition. In fact, the recruitment insights they provide might help you plan your manpower policies better, letting you gain a competitive edge.

4. Part-timers and contractual staff

With business down for months, budget constraints are prevalent regardless of company size and market cap. Therefore, hiring an entire team of permanent staff may not be feasible at the moment. Moreover, hiring an entire team permanently at once, especially during the post-crisis era is not a wise decision. Therefore, contract staffing becomes a game-changer to meet your growing manpower needs

It helps you bridge the gap if you are not sure of hiring full-time employees but need additional employees to handle the work load . Hiring an HR service provider with a robust contractual employment mechanism will ease your burden.

5. Essential Data Supply

Several research organizations around the world have emphasized that data will be even more important in post-pandemic times. Data analytics has already proven its capabilities in the HR divisions. Working with reputed staffing companies in India will help you access high-quality data of candidates meticulously collected from authentic source over the years. This data would play a vital role in determining manpower policies and help you make better calculated decisions.

Considering the above discussion, an established staffing company like Prompt Personnel can help you design and execute a successful manpower planning in the post-pandemic era.

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