How Can Temporary Staffing Add Value to Your Business?

How Can Temporary Staffing Add Value to Your Business?

Within the ever-advancing economy, businesses have begun to esteem the benefits of temporary staffing. It is a dependable strategy for scaling the work constraint.

Employees contracted for a limited period are known as contractual staff or temp staff. Such employees may be enlisted on a casual, part-time, or full-time premise, but the tenure is brief.

Temporary staffing is hiring employees who are expected to hold their positions for a limited contracted period. It is also known as temp staffing.

Pros and Cons of Temporary staffing services:


Managing Workload

Depending on your business, you might have top deals at specific centres throughout the year. Or a client might inquire of you to total an expansive, uncommon venture. Enlisting temporary workers can offer the help your business adjust to a differing workload. The additional employees can assist you in getting more work done at total times. Since the employees are temporary, you can go back to your ordinary staff during reasonable periods.

New Talents

Do you wish to include employees in your business, but you need to make sure beyond any doubt they are great fits to your organization. Consider contracting temporary employees. In case the temporary employees are great fits for the positions and your business, you may offer them lasting positions. Utilizing temporary workers lets you assess the new workers without long-term commitments.

Specific skills

If you’re doing exceptional work for a client, you might require specialists with particular abilities to assist you. By enlisting temporary employees, you’ll get to specialists with extraordinary or advanced skills, but they will be utilized for a short time when you require them.

It might save some expenses.

Whereas you have to offer a few periphery benefits to temporary staff, but not ought to give health insurance, vacation and sick pay, and retirement plans. Not having to offer these benefits can spare you a parcel of funds. If you opt for the services of a staffing organization, the organization should handle the services given, such as unemployment protection and employee compensation.

Few payrolls responsibilities

In case you opt for temp staffing services, they ought to act as the manager of the record. This implies the organization will handle the financial obligations that are related to temporary employers. They will pay the employees and will withhold and dispatch payroll taxes. Of course, if you are not working with a temp staffing office, you’ll have to handle the finance responsibilities yourself.


Training Responsibilities

Temporary employees will be engaged with your business for a short time. In any case of the employee’s abilities, a certain sum of training is ordinarily required. The training period will require some amount of time spent on the employees that are engaged with your business.

Uncommitted workers
Since temporary workers are basically “passing through,” they might not be as committed to your business. This might mean that the employees are less dependable or are less motivated.

Acknowledging the above review an authorized staffing company like Prompt Personnel may assist you with temporary staffing and would support you in adding value to your business.

How to Streamline The Recruitment Process Effectively?

How to Streamline The Recruitment Process Effectively?

The recruitment process is distinctive to each organization, in any case of its measure or industry. The recruitment process’s primary focus is to discover qualified and right people who can contribute to the organization’s advancement and development.

Recruitment process: The recruitment and selection process in an organization is around finding and contracting the right talents to fill up vacant positions in an organization. The method centres on sourcing candidates that have the demeanour and capacity required for accomplishing the targets set by the organization. For companies to contract the right talents, they need seamless and compelling recruitment and choice handling which can offer the assistance they recognize and enlist the proper candidates consistently.

Here are a few steps one can follow to streamline their recruitment process

Steps in a streamlined recruitment process include:

  1. Distinguishing the hiring needs: This incorporates finding out the problematic and delicate aptitudes that the perfect candidates ought to possess.
  2. Making a work portrayal: Based on the candidate’s abilities, make a compelling work description.
  3. Looking for candidates: Post the work depiction on all pertinent stages to urge the most outstanding candidate’s reaction to the empty work position.
  4. Shortlisting practical candidates: Examine all candidates’ resumes to shortlist the most appropriate ones for the job.
  5.  Interviewing candidates: Based on the area and number of candidates, you’ll organize telephonically and confront interviews.
  6. Advertising work or employment: Arrange the compensation and other benefits with the ultimately chosen candidate and offer them the work letter.
  7.  Enlisting the candidate: Once the candidate has formally accepted the business offer, you’ll go forward with joining formalities.
  8. Onboarding: Within the onboarding preparation, the candidate, presently a representative of the organization can get well familiar with its culture and his/her work obligations.

Permanent staffing is the method of giving required candidates for long-term business based on indicated candidate components. A permanent staffing benefit supplier amasses the most acceptable fit candidates based on the bar of compensation, encounter, social reverberation, and work portrayal to guarantee the complete provision. A permanent staffing arrangement supplier takes charge of finding, filtering, interviewing, and setting the organization’s desired ability.

A Staffing Solution is the kind of benefit where somebody or some person makes a difference to the big/small organizations to secure the reasonable leading candidate for their requirements and errand. So at that point, the organization can contract that candidate. Staffing solutions are too known as selecting staffing firms or services.

Contracting a presumed staffing arrangement company allows you to profit from a personalized staffing arrangement. The Staffing companies in India are genuinely great at advertising customized layouts that cater to the organizations’ exciting necessities. Thus, if you’re considering outsourcing the sourcing and enrollment to India’s staffing suppliers, you’ll do so after an exhaustive inquiry. Fair check the companies that offer all-encompassing arrangements, which incorporate staffing, training, advancement, compliance, etc.

There are enormous staffing companies, and as a well known staffing company like Prompt Personnel can lead you to the streamlined recruitment process which is probably conceivable when the HR group and all the other relevant divisions can collaborate and work together consistently.

How to Overcome Recruitment & Attrition Problems

How to Overcome Recruitment & Attrition Problems

Running a business is not a cakewalk and there are several critical factors to think about to grow and sustain your business. These critical factors include employee retention issues and recruitment concerns among many others. These are the two major factors that may affect the growth of the organization and hence needs to be rectified on time and needs to be overcome as soon as possible.

In this blog, we will understand how to overcome the recruitment and attrition problems in your organization with the support of an HR consultant. To overcome recruitment problems below are the methods that a leading HR consultancy might follow.

Developed talent pool

A talent pool is nothing but a group of candidates you have engaged who can fill out the future positions in your company and this can usually help reduce the time to hire and recruit. It is because you will already have the pre-screened candidates in your pipeline whenever a job role is opened. 

Give training to the hiring teams

In an organization, experienced hiring managers, as well as interviewers, may also need to develop and sharpen their recruiting skills. To train your hiring team, you can arrange mock interviews, instruct them on how to prepare better for interviews while giving them a checklist, dividing the recruiting resources. 

Incorporate different recruiting strategies

It is always better to advertise on a job board that will bring good candidates for your organization. However, you can use social media to post your jobs or to promote your company. Additionally, to encourage more applicants, you can showcase the vibrant culture of your organization along with its benefits and employee testimonials on your website.

Now let us discuss attrition. 

There are several ways why attrition takes place in an organization, that include lack of recognition, lack of employee benefits, absence of training and development seminars, and more. 

Systematic resignation and retirement plans

For better management, the HR team must have a clear picture of the employees who are about to resign or retire. This will give it an estimate of the people who are resigning and retiring in the next few months to prepare the strategies for the lay off of the experienced employees. 

A flawless recruitment strategy

To overcome employee attrition, you must first consider recruitment as one of the most important areas to deal with. If you have a sturdy recruitment strategy with proper policies already mentioned, employees may get a clear idea of the organization and its work.

Switch within the departments

Experts have studied that employee attrition occurs mostly when employees seek a change in their career and leave the job.

However, if your organization is offering the employees an option of a change of department within the company itself then it will undoubtedly give your employees a lot of freedom. This will automatically reduce the number of voluntary resignations and the turnover rates.


With the above-mentioned strategies, we can deal with the attrition and recruitment problems. Even though the strategies may take some time initially, but will undoubtedly turn to be the ever best solutions for your organization!

How a Labour Law Advisor Can Help You

How a Labour Law Advisor Can Help You

Labour laws are critical to understanding. They help one to manage labours and workforce across the organization. It is imperative to have an optimum knowledge of labour and employment laws for seamless business operation. Labour laws include work arrangements between employers and contractors, full-time employees as well as employees hired on a contract or agreement basis. Every organization must follow all the required labour law compliance in India to avoid any discrepancy in the future. 

A labour law advisor can provide you with the required legal advice and representation. It can simplify the legalese of complicated labour laws to prevent any labour related legal issues. 


Here are five benefits that a labour law advisor can provide to employers:

  • Helps to set-up employment and labour process: A labour law advisor is well acquainted with all the labour law compliances and manage labour rights for an organisation. They ensure that the business is compliant with all the national and regional labour laws. They also help to set up the basic hiring process and employment conditions. They can help one to review various labour agreements, contracts, job offers, and other documentation. A Labour law advisor can form a basic structure for employment and labour hiring. 
  • Deal with labour cases and harassment issues: Labour law experts  can assist in case of any harassment and discrimination case.  They support you in following the applicable labour laws, address any complaints and take the necessary steps. It is difficult for companies and employers to manage employee activities and leadership discretions. Hiring a labour law advisor can ease out this process and help companies to do justice to their employees.
  • Comprehend protection laws: The law compliance in India is vast and difficult to comprehend. There are so many sections and subsections in our labour law. A Labor law Advisor can enable organizations to fully understand the labour protection laws, provisions, litigate any complaints, and much more. A labour law advisor has experience in dealing with labour laws, employee issues, and legal terminologies. These professionals can enable one to resolve any labour queries and help one to avoid breaching labour law.
  • Know employee benefits: Labour Law Advisors give valuable advice on the employee benefits that an employer is obligated to provide as per the Indian Labour laws. If there are any changes or amendments in labour laws or employment laws they can convey the modification and ensure the company is compliant to avoid any penalties in the future.
  • Collective negotiation: Negotiations and bargaining are some common elements of labour management. A well-practised labour law advisor can represent the employer and help one to understand the legalities concerning negotiations and mediate the process. 

The Bottom Line

Labour law advisors are experts having immense knowledge of the labour law compliance and legalities of employment laws. They can help companies and employers by advising them on complicated labour issues, completing the documentation process, and ensuring the company is compliant. 

Associating with a reputed labour law advisor will help you to efficiently manage your employees/labour and reduce the chances of any labour discrepancy in future. Work with professional labour law compliance experts and labour law advisors for great productivity and success.

Connect with the experienced labour law advisors at Prompt Personnel to understand the nuances of labour law compliance and get considerable insights on labour law and labour management.

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