What Are The Guidelines You Should Follow For National Apprenticeship Promotion ​scheme?

What Are The Guidelines You Should Follow For National Apprenticeship Promotion ​scheme?

The apprentices’ act,1961 was enacted with the sole purpose of regulating the program for the training of apprentices in the industry by using the facilities available therein for imparting on-the-job training.  The ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship has been entrusted with the implementation of the act.  There are five categories of apprentices which are as follows:

  • Trade apprentices
  • Graduate apprentices
  • Technician apprentices
  • Optional trade apprentices

The National Policy of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship launched by the Honorable Prime Minister on 15th July 2015 focuses on apprenticeship as a key program for creating skilled manpower in India.

Benefits Of Apprenticeship Training

  • One of the most important schemes because of training quality, preliminary learning, and employment that it provides
  • It is the most promising skills delivery vehicle in the industrial/training ecosystem of India as it provides a structured and rigorous training program that ensures that candidates are highly trained in their respective fields
  • It gives apprentices a chance to test their skills in a real work environment.

Apprenticeship Scheme Overview

The Apprenticeship training has two components:

BASIC TRAINING: Basic training is an essential part of the apprenticeship scheme for those who have no institutional training.  It accounts for 20-25% of the overall duration of training.
ON THE JOB TRAINING: Apart from basic training, there is also on-the-job training.  It is undertaken by the establishment

The act makes it mandatory for employers to engage apprentices in designated trades and optional trades.  The Directorate General of Training(DGT) under the Ministry of Skill Development and entrepreneurship monitors the implementation of the scheme.  In-state governments and private establishments, state apprenticeship advisers monitor the scheme.

Challenges And Opportunities

There are many establishments from where you can get training but the facilities have not been used optimally primarily because these establishments are unwilling to come under the act due to a lack of support from the government. Because of this, many training centers are not performing as they should which deprives the youth of the benefits of the scheme.

There are approximately 50 lakh employees in the Central Public Sector Undertakings, Central government, and banking sector. If these establishments hire apprentices even up to the minimum limit of 2.5% of the total manpower, then the number can increase to 1,25000.

If each company hires at least one apprentice, then the number can be 20 lakhs so there is huge potential that is currently untapped.

Apprentice Eligibility

To apply for an apprenticeship scheme, you have to be from the following categories.

  • A trainee passed out from ITI courses.
  • A trainee under dual learning mode from ITI’s.
  • A trainee who has completed PMKVY/MES-SDI courses or courses approved by state governments/central
  • A graduate or diploma holder or a person pursuing the same or a 10+2 vocational certificate holder
  • A candidate possessing minimum qualifications required for a trade.

In addition, you also have to fulfill the following criteria.

  • You have to be above 14 years of age.
  • You must be registered on the portal.
  • It is compulsory to have an aadhar card.
  • You must possess the minimum age, education, and physical qualifications as prescribed for the trade.

What Are The Key Features Of The Scheme?

Integration With Other Schemes:  Courses that come under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Modular Employable skill and Under Development Skill initiative or any other government schemes are linked to the apprenticeship scheme.

Easy Administration Because Of Online Portal: The administration of the scheme is done through the online portal which will address the requirements of stakeholders.

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Top 5 Recruiting Strategies to Find The Right Talent in 2022: Prompt Personnel

Top 5 Recruiting Strategies to Find The Right Talent in 2022: Prompt Personnel

Recruiting today is not the same as it was before. The traditional recruitment tools are being replaced by a candidate-driven market. With no shortage of job opportunities, you will need a good recruitment strategy to build a workforce that will give your company a competitive edge. To find and retain potential candidates, your business should focus on some elements in its recruitment process.

Here are a few recruitment strategies that many HR consultants in India use to find the perfect candidates for your company: 

Post A Broader Job Vacancy In Job Advertisements

Job seekers look for clarity in advertisements in terms of company history, profile, pay scale, and career opportunities. Make these points clear in your job postings.  When a candidate reads the advertisement, he should know why he should join your company out of the 100 companies out there. You can also post a link about your company to give candidates a fair idea about the culture of your organization.

Try Campus Recruiting To Find Fresh Talent

College campuses are full of young bright and enthusiastic talents. Many top universities and colleges have tie-ups with placement agencies. Campus recruiting is a good way to recruit bright young graduates.

  • Conduct workshops and seminars in colleges to give information about the vacancies in your company.
  • Provide internship opportunities for students.
  • Sponsor college festivals and events.
  • Feature your company in college newspapers.

Add Perks To Attract Top Talents

If you look at the top companies around the world, it is their work environment that attracts the best talent from around the world. Perks like both side cab facilities, buffet meals, health insurance policies, bonuses, allowances are some strategies companies like Facebook use to attract candidates.

Use The Power Of Social Media To Your Advantage

When it comes to recruiting top talent, social media is your friend. There are many sites like Linkedin where you can search for potential candidates. Research has shown that 73% of millennials found their last job through social media.

Quicken The Hiring Process

This is where many companies fail while recruiting. They interview a candidate and respond after many days. This approach backfires most of the time because by the time the response comes the candidate has already found a new job or has got a call for an interview from a better company. Top candidates are in high demand and if you are slow to recruit them, you might lose a good candidate who would have added value to your company.

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We offer our HR services in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

Remember you are selling yourself just like a brand does.  Be smart and tactful while doing so and you will recruit the right candidates with ease.

Contract Staffing & Recruitment Services: Easily Fulfill Your Manpower Requirements

Contract Staffing & Recruitment Services: Easily Fulfill Your Manpower Requirements

The modern labour landscape is characterized by stringent legislation, fluctuating demand and unpredictability. Why compromise on profits when you can adopt a strategy to bring top talent on board using a contract staffing agency.  

Contract staffing refers to a process where individuals are hired on a contractual basis. A contract can be either between an individual and a staffing company or even between two companies. 65% of employees believe that they will employ more contractual staff in the future

Here are some benefits you can get by utilizing the services of a contract staffing agency.

Saves Time And Money: There is no need for you to spend on hiring processes like testing, hiring and training. Contract staffing companies also do a rigorous background check on the candidates before sending them over to your office.

Risk-free Hiring: Contract staffing services give you access to top talents without the risks that are generally associated with a full-time hire. The contract employee is paid by the staffing agency. If for some reason, you no longer need the services of the contractor, you can have to inform the staffing agency.

Trial Run Before Full-time Employment: Candidates may have the skills that your company is looking for but if they do not get along well with your other employees, then the productivity of your entire team can be affected. In some cases, the company culture might be something completely different to what the contractor expects. A contract position gives both the employee and employer a chance to test one another before full-time employment.

High Level Of Performance: Contract workers know that they need to perform well if they want to get that coveted full-time position. You benefit from this because you get an employee who is motivated every single day and that will lift up the performance of your other employees too.

Access To Specialized Skills: One of the main benefits of using contract staffing is that you get access to specialized skills.  It provides you with candidates who have the skills that a project team might be missing.

Fulfills Short Term Business Needs: When companies need employees to fulfill their short-term needs, they outsource the hiring process which can be risky.

With contract staffing services, you can hire a skilled workforce for a short period of time without having to make any commitments beforehand. In this way, you can avoid the disadvantages associated with outsourcing your hiring needs

Prompt personnel is one of the fastest-growing contract staffing companies in India.  Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, you can reap the benefits of the flexible labor market by partnering with us. We have our offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai. 

We hold rich expertise in HR services such as temporary staffing, permanent staffing, and labour law advisory and compliance. Our industry-acclaimed management and skilled experts provide solutions that suit your staffing needs.

5 Simple Steps To Creating A Company Culture That Employees Prefer

5 Simple Steps To Creating A Company Culture That Employees Prefer

Company culture is an important part of a business because it affects every aspect of an organization. From recruiting to employee satisfaction it is the backbone of a content workforce. Without it, employees will struggle to find meaning in their work which can lead to negative consequences for a business.

According to sources, 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe that good company culture is essential for a successful business.  The survey also highlighted the fact that employees who said that they are happy at their workplace also believed that their company had a strong culture.

Benefits of A Positive Work Culture

Here are some of the benefits companies can get by focusing on a positive work culture:


Many HR professionals acknowledge that having a good company culture is one of the best ways to attract top talent. While looking for a job, most candidates are on the lookout for a company with a good reputation from past and present employees.


A positive work culture helps companies retain top talent. That is because employees are more likely to stay in a company where they feel valued and loved.

Job Satisfaction

This is a no-brainier that job satisfaction is higher in companies with positive work cultures.

So how can you get these benefits for your company?  Here are some proven ways by which you can build a company culture that employees prefer:

Focus On Employee Well being

Employee wellness is the cornerstone for positive work culture. You cannot expect your employees to perform at their best if they don’t feel good mentally, physically and emotionally.  As a leader, you must ensure that your employees have all the tools to live a healthy life both inside and outside the office.

Grow Your Current Culture

Change takes time. You cannot allow your employees to make a sudden 180-degree change. It will be a disaster. Instead, work on your current culture. Get feedback from your employees on what they like and what they do. You can then use that information to create a better work culture in your organization.

Set A Company Goal

No company can create a positive work culture without goal setting. Give your employees a target or something to work towards.  Creating a company goal fosters unity within the workplace by giving everyone something to work towards other than a paycheck.

Listen to Your Employees

Being a good listener is one of the easiest ways to build a positive work culture.  According to research done by Culture IQ, 86% of employees at companies with a positive work culture say their seniors are listening to them so ask your employees for feedback and make them feel valued and loved.

Create A Positive Environment

For a positive work culture, it is important that you foster a positive work environment. Encourage your employees to practice positive behavior daily by expressing gratitude and smiling often. Your employees are much more likely to engage in positive behavior when they see their colleagues do the same.

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