Hiring in the Digital Age

Hiring in the Digital Age

Technology has a significant impact on our daily life and the way industries operate. The influence it has on recruiting is no different, it has changed the whole game of hiring/ recruiting. Platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and various other channels are used for recruitment thus redefining the old and traditional norms.

Here are a few ways how technology has created an impact on the recruitment industry. 


Applicant Tracking System 

This technology helps HR tackle the massive in pouring traffic of resumes they receive daily on a basis, consequently reducing the time-to-hire. This has changed the recruiter’s pattern of hiring the right candidates. The other added benefit of the applicant tracking system is Data-Backed decisions. Recruitment analytics plays an important role in making business decisions.

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Reaching a Diverse Pool of Talent 

Discovering qualified candidates anywhere in the world is now achievable with technological advances in the recruitment industry. With professional networks such as LinkedIn, recruiters can look for qualified candidates with the right skills without being constrained by geography.

Telecommunication technology makes it viable for recruiters to reach out to candidates that they may have unnoticed due to location. Thus having access to the larger and more diverse talent pool.

Benefits the Candidates

ATS automation helps the candidates by taking care of manual activities, such as filling out applications, scheduling interviews, and receiving regular updates. 

It may not have been that important before, but candidate experience has become a crucial factor in recruiting. Thanks to technological advancements, it has become easier to find a job and to obtain information faster.

Lastly ‘Humanizing‘ the evolution of recruitment

‍While the evolution of recruitment has disrupted the hiring process, it has also provided recruitment professionals with the opportunity to refine their digital recruiting strategies. Human connections between hiring managers and recruiters and job seekers are encouraged now. It is an element that requires serious attention in the recruitment industry. 

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A Step-by-step Guide To Contract Staffing And Its Importance For The Hiring Company

A Step-by-step Guide To Contract Staffing And Its Importance For The Hiring Company

Contract staffing agencies help organizations and businesses to hire skilled people according to their needs and requirements for a specified period of time. This helps organizations reduce HR costs and focus more on their core business.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Services of Contract Staffing Companies?

Using contract staffing services will benefit in a longer period as the employee can help the organization to reach new heights without causing much cost to the company. The process of recruitment will be less time-consuming as it is contract-based. Last but not least, employees with high skills can work on extremely vast projects which will gain an advantage for the company.

What is the process followed by the Contract Staffing company?

Evaluating Staff Requirement from the Client

The very first and important step is to identify the number and type of personnel needed in upcoming projects. Assessing what type of skills, qualifications and experience your organization is looking for from those candidates.  Also how burdened are existing resources and need for additional hiring to unburden the existing manpower.

Enrollment Process

The Main Aim of the Contract Staffing Company is to choose from among the vast pool of candidates and find the best fit for your organization. Hiring the Staffing Agency can be helpful by spearheading the enrollment process to find the deserving candidates.

Providing Benefits to Contract Staffing Employees

Your organization should definitely provide all the benefits you give to your permanent employees like Provident fund, Paid leaves, medical claims and many more so that they can give their best to your company. The staffing team conveys these benefits to the employees on your behalf. So, the employees know what to expect. These benefits may vary from client to client and as per the industry.

Assure their job while providing legal documentation

As a responsible Contractual Staffing company they provide employees with a legal contract for their security purpose which abides the law as it will help the Contractual Staff to trust the company they are working for and perform to the fullest.

Detachment Process

Having transparency with the separation process of an employee is a very crucial task as you need to abide by the labor laws as well as the employment contract, and release the staff as soon as the project is over.

Hand-Picking Contract Staffing Company:

Everything depends on choosing the right contract staffing company as they are the ones responsible for finding the right talent for your organization. Partner with the best to hire the best.

How to cope with the rise in Hybrid culture in 2022?

How to cope with the rise in Hybrid culture in 2022?

Is hybrid work culture here to stay?

Covid-19 has given a boost to the significance of data, AI, and digital technologies along with their human skills, and has rewarded organizations with flexible organizational structures. When it comes to flexible work cultures one of the primary questions that come to our mind is whether work from home is better or work from office or is it the hybrid work culture?

This is one of the simplest ways to resolve the debate of what is better and redefine the working strategy for having better productivity.

Let us understand how we can cope with the rise in hybrid culture in 2022.

What is a hybrid work culture?

A hybrid culture is an environment that melds virtual and in-person work arrangements. Considering the changes that took place in the past 2 years, hybrid work culture has opened many doors to knowing and understanding different perspectives, values, and backgrounds in adding diversity and expanding rather than reinforcing old patterns.

The benefit of going the hybrid way is improved flexibility which in turn contributes to better productivity. Location independence has encouraged recruiters to hire from a global talent pool. Diversifying the talent pool is one way to achieve diversity in hiring. Reduced company cost that can be used for buying better technology or investing in a wellness program for the company. 

But hybrid culture also has another side, which includes lesser predictability, sometimes inadequate work set up and disturbance in work-life balance.

But let us face it, hybrid work culture is going to persist no matter how much we resist. 

So, few things you could do to cope with the Rise in Hybrid Culture.

1) Keep Technology and tools handy: Keep tools like Trello, Slack, Zoom and there are many more apps you can keep handy to use. This way you can stay connected work-wise and maintain the bond people share.

2) Ask what your employees want: Ask your people what they want; don’t just assume that work from home is the best way for your organization. After having a discussion with your employees, you can have an internal company discussion as to what is the best possible thing to offer. 

3) Mention about Remote hiring on Your Job Portal: Introduce this hybrid workplace strategy to potential candidates if you offer existing employees the option to work remotely. With remote hiring options, you are not bound to proximity to get the best talent for your team.

4) Communication Flow: Ensure the communications flow efficiently between remote staff and in-office staff. As a company, provide flexible means of communication so nobody is left out of context in the same team. To make your team successful, you will need to make extra efforts to ensure that all employees are connected and are able to communicate effectively.

5) Adaptability: Be open to changes in the workflow and processes as you discover what works best for you. Hybrid work is the new black that is here to stay so why not discover better ways to grow through it. Of course, there will be a lot of trial and error that you will go through, but perfection is always achieved through iterations. 

Despite its challenges, it is clear the hybrid workplace is here to stay, so embracing the opportunities it offers will likely be well worth it.

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When It Comes To Staffing, Learn Why Temporary Staffing Is The Ultimate Solution?

When It Comes To Staffing, Learn Why Temporary Staffing Is The Ultimate Solution?

The temporary staffing industry in India has seen massive growth over the last few years. In fact, the sector has grown at a rate of 20-25% per year because it offers many perks for employers and employees alike. To make up for the losses incurred during the pandemic, many companies have doubled their workforce and temporary staff is perfect for increasing manpower without long-term investments. In 2019, the number of temporary workers in the organized sector in India was 1.3 million.  According to experts, 10% of the total workforce would be working as temporary staff through various staffing firms.

According to the Indian Staffing Agency, this growth is due to the changing economic scenario and the increased demand for an optimized workforce. The ISF further added that temporary staffing helps by creating new job opportunities and boosts employment by turning work into job roles that otherwise would not exist.

Here are the reasons why hiring temp staffing companies is the ultimate solution.

1. It Helps Avoid Legal Issues: Temporary staffing agencies have to keep themselves updated with the changes in employment laws. Because they follow all legal procedures, your company will not be affected when the audit is done.

2. It Gets You Trained Employees: When you want to hire for only a few shifts, you need trained staff. This is where temporary staffing services come at rescue.  They have a large pool of trained candidates who can help you save money that would otherwise be spent on training new employees.

3. It Keeps You Updated With Latest Industry Trends: Staffing companies in India are aware of the latest developments in your industry so they can provide you with exclusive inside information. Some areas where these agencies can be an asset include the latest industry trends, competitive salary and candidate availability. By using insider information, you can also adapt to new strategies that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

4. It Can Help You Build New Connections: Staffing agencies have industry experience and market intelligence so they can help you build new connections which can provide you with cross-promotion and new business growth opportunities.

5. Reduces Overtime Cost: When you are understaffed, you have to pay employees overtime. It can lead to additional costs because overworked employees are error-prone, more likely to be irritable and have low morale. By hiring temporary staffing services, you do not have to worry about paying overtime.

6. Reduces The Stress On Your HR:  Hiring processes can be lengthy and stressful which can put pressure on your HR department. Temp staffing agencies are more adept in hiring processes than a firm’s HR department because hiring is their primary responsibility.

7. Gives You Hiring Advice: Contract to hire or direct hire candidate? How many employees would be required next year to meet business goals? What skills and personality traits are necessary for a particular role? Temp staffing agencies can help you answer such questions.

Here’s What To Look For When Choosing An HR Consultancy In Hyderabad?

Here’s What To Look For When Choosing An HR Consultancy In Hyderabad?

Finding a good job in a competitive environment can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process especially if you have been searching for the right opportunity for months. What if someone else can help you land that dream job. This is where HR consultants comes in. They not only help you find prospective employers but they also help you create a more professional and targeted resume and give you valuable advice on career options.  

There are many agencies that can help you find a job but, it is important that you select the right one.

Below are a few tips on how you can find the best HR consultancy in Hyderabad

Verify The Authenticity Of The Recruitment Firm  

Once you have found an agency search it up on google and check the reviews and social profile. If possible, you can even visit their office.

Consultant And Agency Experience 

While choosing an HR consultancy, consider factors such as the experience of the recruiters, how long has the company been providing the service and whether they have experience of recruiting in your industry.

Does The Recruitment Agency Deal In Bulk? 

Choose a recruitment agency that deals in bulk. You are 3 times more likely to get a response from employers who deal with jobs in bulk.

Are They With You Throughout The Hiring Process? 

Does the HR consultancy in Hyderabad help you prepare for the upcoming interview by giving you information about the company culture, growth opportunities, management style and do they provide constructive feedback after your interview is done?  A recruiting agency’s work does not end once you are selected. They should also help you negotiate a good salary package and compensation.

Do They Spend Time In Understanding You?

During the interview process with the recruiter, do they take time to understand the skill sets that you want to use in your new job?  The interview process will most likely give you tips on how to improve your resume and interview skills.

Research The Consultants Networks

Use social media and job sites to get an idea of a recruiter’s networks. If you are using the services of a staffing agency, then ask them about their clients. A recruiter with a good network will help you find good openings.

Find Out About Their Recruiting Process

Before deciding to work with an hr consultant, you must have an idea of their registration process and how long it will take to get hired by a company. You should have a clear idea of how the agency will provide you with the job.

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