In 2022, You Must Ask For These Vital Services From Your Contract Staffing Companies

In 2022, You Must Ask For These Vital Services From Your Contract Staffing Companies

All over the globe, large-scale multinational corporations outsource Human resources (HR) to reputable agencies overseas that provide contract staffing services. It helps you find a set of well-trained temporary team members who poses the necessary skill and has the potential to serve full-time positions and associated responsibilities. In order to evaluate contract staffing companies in India, here are a few organized sets of questions that you can refer to find the appropriate staffing company as per your requirements.


What core sectors does the contract staffing company possess expertise in?

It is always preferable to choose companies that have the necessary expertise in your industry. As industry-specific staffing firms have the necessary knowledge and hiring experience in the position you are looking to hire for.

What management strategies does the contract staffing company employ while dealing with the sourcing, screening, and selection process of a potential candidate?

Hiring contract staffing companies is highly cost-effective for any large-scale organization. This is because such companies manage HR responsibilities in a time-efficient manner by conducting detailed background checks, initial interviews, and skill assessment tests of the respective candidate. With the help of the staffing agencies, the organization and the hiring managers can be confident about the credibility of their team members. This helps them evaluate other traits of the candidates such as problem-solving capabilities and professional communication. 

Is the agency’s hired talent pool strong, stable, and reliable enough?

Certain basic parameters are assessed before hiring an individual as a contract worker. This diverse array of parameters includes skill level assessment, previous work experience, education and qualifications, work personality, work ethic, and several other factors. Within your predetermined budget, your organization can find the right team member only if your contract staffing partner is reliable. They can evaluate candidates ranging from technical and non-technical work backgrounds efficiently. 

What is the rate of the contract staffing services and fee structure of the company?

Before opting for the appropriate staffing company, you must have clarity in terms of the payment structure and fee schedule so that you can align your expenditure with the expectation and fulfillment of your requirements. Conduct an in-depth inquiry about the billing procedure and the respective service packages beforehand. 

With the help of Prompt Personnel’s contract staffing services, your business can rapidly expand its team of professionals by quickly hiring well-skilled, talented contract staff with the existing permanent members to successfully achieve the short-term goal and the long-term milestone.

Contract Staffing & Recruitment Services: Easily Fulfill Your Manpower Requirements

Contract Staffing & Recruitment Services: Easily Fulfill Your Manpower Requirements

The modern labour landscape is characterized by stringent legislation, fluctuating demand and unpredictability. Why compromise on profits when you can adopt a strategy to bring top talent on board using a contract staffing agency.  

Contract staffing refers to a process where individuals are hired on a contractual basis. A contract can be either between an individual and a staffing company or even between two companies. 65% of employees believe that they will employ more contractual staff in the future

Here are some benefits you can get by utilizing the services of a contract staffing agency.

Saves Time And Money: There is no need for you to spend on hiring processes like testing, hiring and training. Contract staffing companies also do a rigorous background check on the candidates before sending them over to your office.

Risk-free Hiring: Contract staffing services give you access to top talents without the risks that are generally associated with a full-time hire. The contract employee is paid by the staffing agency. If for some reason, you no longer need the services of the contractor, you can have to inform the staffing agency.

Trial Run Before Full-time Employment: Candidates may have the skills that your company is looking for but if they do not get along well with your other employees, then the productivity of your entire team can be affected. In some cases, the company culture might be something completely different to what the contractor expects. A contract position gives both the employee and employer a chance to test one another before full-time employment.

High Level Of Performance: Contract workers know that they need to perform well if they want to get that coveted full-time position. You benefit from this because you get an employee who is motivated every single day and that will lift up the performance of your other employees too.

Access To Specialized Skills: One of the main benefits of using contract staffing is that you get access to specialized skills.  It provides you with candidates who have the skills that a project team might be missing.

Fulfills Short Term Business Needs: When companies need employees to fulfill their short-term needs, they outsource the hiring process which can be risky.

With contract staffing services, you can hire a skilled workforce for a short period of time without having to make any commitments beforehand. In this way, you can avoid the disadvantages associated with outsourcing your hiring needs

Prompt personnel is one of the fastest-growing contract staffing companies in India.  Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, you can reap the benefits of the flexible labor market by partnering with us. We have our offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai. 

We hold rich expertise in HR services such as temporary staffing, permanent staffing, and labour law advisory and compliance. Our industry-acclaimed management and skilled experts provide solutions that suit your staffing needs.

7 Reasons Why Strategic Contract Staffing is a Must for Every Organization

7 Reasons Why Strategic Contract Staffing is a Must for Every Organization

It’s a brave new business world and it has its own advantages and challenges. With flexible and remote working and modern views of the workforce, companies often find that the conventional type of employment is not always beneficial. This is where contractual staffing scores top marks. 

Contract staffing is basically hiring based on a specific and predetermined agreement or a contract. This type of contract can be for the short-term or long term. This is beneficial for an organization that is looking to hire qualified staff for a short period of time whether it is for a project or for any other function. If planned properly, contract staffing can increase the productivity and profitability of a business significantly. Therefore, strategic contract hiring is so critical for every organization.

Let’s look at the 7 reasons why Strategic Contract Staffing is a must for every company:

  • Dynamic Manpower Planning

A company has varied needs of manpower. These needs change from time to time and depending on the projects. HR managers need to analyze the organization’s existing permanent and flexible employee strength and also plan for the future so that they always have optimum manpower to fulfill the company’s objectives. 

Strategic contract staffing helps plan out these aspects beforehand and gives a clear picture of how much contractual staff a company will require in the future. This type of planning helps a company stay on top of its game and eliminates the risk of insufficient manpower. 

  • Critical Cost & Time Saving

Strategic contract hiring plans things ahead so that you know when and how much additional contract staff you will need. Companies don’t need to pay the contractual workers benefits such as PF, Gratuity, etc. so they save a lot of money by hiring such employees. 

There are agencies who can provide contract staffing services so there is a huge time saving as well. Strategically, a company can hire permanent employees for day-to-day and long-term activities while contract staff can perform short-term project-based tasks. This combination is an efficient tool for time and cost-saving. 

  • Get Tried & Tested Staff

A company is constantly on the lookout for contract workers. The HR department can assess their performance and can rehire them for the future if they fare satisfactorily. This way, an organization gets tried and tested temporary staff who is qualified and skilled. Isn’t it a smart move strategically? 

  • Reduce the Risk of Urgent Hiring

In strategic contract staffing, a company conducts annual and quarterly manpower planning. This way, the HR department knows when the hiring needs are going to increase or decrease so they can adapt easily. 

Let’s say if even a permanent employee leaves the organization or there is a sudden increase in customer demand, a contractual staff can take care of the urgent work for the time being till the permanent replacement is found. A company becomes secure from the lack of manpower due to contractual staffing and it also reduces the risk of urgent hiring. 

  • Flexibility and Ease 

This is one of the biggest reasons for an organization to practice strategic contract staffing. The conventional way of hiring can be rigid and letting them go is a complicated process. However, a contractual staff is already aware of his/her duration in the company. When the project is over, you can let them go and can rehire them in future if needed. Such flexibility and ease are critical for a business to run its operations smoothly.

  • Inclusive Company Culture

Today’s business world is ultra-modern and employees have varied expectations from the companies. From remote working to flexible work hours, their needs are ever-evolving. Companies that have a great mix of permanent, contractual and temporary employees have a huge advantage today in terms of diversity and engagement. Contractual workers are also very specialized in their jobs and their industry expertise is highly beneficial for a company. 

This mix of different types of manpower creates a positive company culture inclusive of engagement and performance.  

  • Increased Productivity

When you hire the contractual staff, the workload of permanent employees reduces to a serious extent. This way, they can also focus on their core activities better. Ultimately, the productivity of the entire company increases and it helps in growth and profitability. 

Prompt Personnel is one of the leading contract staffing companies in India. We provide end-to-end contract staffing services and also take care of the onboarding and payroll. We have a PAN India presence through 8 metro cities, an extensive database and a dedicated team. 

Want to explore more on how strategic contract staffing can help your organization? Contact us and let us help you.

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