8 Ways to avoid last-minute candidate dropouts

8 Ways to avoid last-minute candidate dropouts

Every worthy candidate has multiple suitors today, so when it comes to hiring new candidates a lot of things remain unanswered till the last moment 

What if the candidate calls in sick for the scheduled interview or fails to show up for the interview? You can get caught up in a dilemma whether to wait for the candidate or fill the position with another candidate?

Not losing candidates along the way is amongst the most challenging endeavors for recruiters facing the ongoing war for talent. A lot of job seekers say that the process of looking for a job is one of the most stressful events in life.

It doesn’t matter whether these dropouts happen during the interview or the after the candidate is being hired. As a result, you have lost time, money, and effort in chasing down candidates who aren’t interested in joining your company.

Here are a few tips that will help you deal with the situation effectively:

1. Move with Promptness:

  • A survey suggests top talent in the industry gets hired in 10 days. This makes it clear that if you don’t speed up your recruiting process you may lose out on a good candidate. Remove the speed breakers that may add to the time taken to hire from the interview.
  • Candidates have admitted that they would appreciate it if the employers provided a clear timeline of the hiring process. You can have a digital meter indicating the status at each stage of the hiring process. Let them strive on the information.
  • In case you are finding it difficult to maintain this communication with the candidate because you can hire Prompt Personnel to do this on your behalf. 

2. Treat  Candidates like your Prospect:

  • Dr. John Sullivan coins this treatment as white-glove treatment. This is a personalized treatment will help the candidate understand how significant they are to the company. During the interview process let them know how can they contribute to the company. 
  • Reveal to them how their work will make a difference – which will show them how much you value them as a candidate. 

3. Keep it Simple:

  • Choosing the right companies and applying is anyways complicated and   stressful, so don’t make it more complex like a maze. By creating aesthetically appealing job postings, a user-friendly online application process, and a welcoming email, applicants are more likely to apply. 
  • Also, consider posting a video that shows your company culture. It increases the chances of the candidate applying for your company. To make your life simple what you can do is upload it on YouTube and paste the link to the video in the job description. 

4. Choose your Job Description Carefully:

  • Your description should contain unambiguous information, a valid task preview, and showcase the company’s values (strong employer brand via e.g., social media and website). Make sure you have defined the role and responsibilities clearly and the salary range you have to offer.

5. Highlight Employer Benefits:

  • Surely good pay is the basis for attracting top candidates. What other benefits – other than money – make candidates choose to work for you?
  • Employees during several surveys have revealed they would love to work in a company that has flexible working hours (including work from home) and career development opportunities. Moreover, they would also consider the company’s team event, pick-your-own project, or health insurance benefits. These are a few recommendations which you can choose keeping in mind your company culture.

6. Initial contact via Email:

  • Ensure your initial mode of communication is via mail and not via call. Nobody likes being their prospective employer while being in a meeting with their current boss or while they are having their leisure time.
  • So lets us stick to the good old format of sending an email as initial communication. One of the advantages of such a delivery method is its location-independence, fast response time, and the absence of immediate action required – so you can be sure not to stress your candidate beyond reason.

7. Candidate Experience Survey:

  • Proactively and anonymously ask applicants for feedback after passing through the recruitment process, and to determine potential reasons for their dropout. As a result, your candidates will feel valued, and you can design a recruitment strategy that’s neither unsustainable nor inappropriate for your applicant target group

8. Effective onboarding Process:

  • Last in the process of recruitment –but certainly not least– is the onboarding of your candidate. The process starts when the candidate accepts the offer and lasts until the end of the notice period.
  • Keep onboarding interesting and interactive to allow candidates to feel engaged and appreciated. Start feeding information about in-house structure and responsibility on the first working day. 
  • At Prompt we assign a Buddy to the new joiner who will make them feel welcome in the company. The buddy will assist the New Joiner with everything from where the toilet and coffee machine are to the location of relevant files is both arduous and ineffective. 

The recruitment process gives you the golden opportunity to leave an ever-lasting impression on your applicant. Remember even if the candidate doesn’t manage to get through the hiring there is always a chance that they’ll be interested in working for you again someday. Besides, it all comes down to how well you take care of them throughout the hiring process.

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