Resume Tips: During COVID-19

Resume Tips: During COVID-19

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to surge across the globe, the ways of working have changed to work from home, use of technology for enabling remote working, and many more such changes. If you have recently been laid-off due to Covid-19 or looking for new employment opportunities during pandemic COVID-19, then here are some good resume tips which can help you prepare for your next job. 

Update your resume

Now that you have planned to hunt for a new job during COVID-19, there are high chances that you will be able to land in a job which offers remote working also this may be in the essential services businesses. Thus, it is very important to update your resume so that your background, skills, and experience can make you a perfect fit for the new roles and make you stand out in the candidate’s pool. 

Here are some resume tips which you can follow during COVID-19

Have a look at the format of your resume 

Professional recruitment consultants advice that it is very important to check and update the format of the resume every now and then. A person should edit and update the CV with the latest chronological order of your employment and experience as it will help the recruiter to study your profile better. 

Add or update the summary and objective on your resume 

Experts from the HR consulting firms say that resumes which have clearly defined summary and objectives can catch the attention of the recruiters as they are easily able to get insight into the candidate’s profile before reading the full resume. Use this opportunity to impress the recruiters in the 1st few seconds of them viewing your CV.  If they find something relevant in the objective and summary for the job role they are hiring for, they then start to read the resume in detail. Now that you understand the importance of summary and objective in your resume, don’t forget to add/update the same. 

Always check the job description before applying 

If you are aiming for a specific kind of job, then it is always better to check the job description in detail so that you can make the necessary edits in your resume. Doing this will help you build a strong resume for that job. All you must do is read the job description in detail, understand the skill-set requirement from the recruiter and then add those skills in your resume which matches your talent and experience. 

Explain and highlight your skills 

We all are living in a highly competitive world where it is very important to prove self-worth to get the job you want. Therefore, make sure that when a recruiter reads your resume, he/she should be convinced that you will be the best fit for the job and better than other applicants for the same job. 

Stay active on various job portals 

The world we are living in is driven by the internet and technology. Therefore, make use of the same to search for a good job for you. Once you are done with editing and updating your resume, it is time to send it to the right places to get noticed by the recruitment consultants and HRs. Therefore, stay active on the various job portals. 

We hope that these resume tips will help you get a good career opportunity during the pandemic COVID-19. 


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