When It Comes To Staffing, Learn Why Temporary Staffing Is The Ultimate Solution?

The temporary staffing industry in India has seen massive growth over the last few years. In fact, the sector has grown at a rate of 20-25% per year because it offers many perks for employers and employees alike. To make up for the losses incurred during the pandemic, many companies have doubled their workforce and temporary staff is perfect for increasing manpower without long-term investments. In 2019, the number of temporary workers in the organized sector in India was 1.3 million.  According to experts, 10% of the total workforce would be working as temporary staff through various staffing firms.

According to the Indian Staffing Agency, this growth is due to the changing economic scenario and the increased demand for an optimized workforce. The ISF further added that temporary staffing helps by creating new job opportunities and boosts employment by turning work into job roles that otherwise would not exist.

Here are the reasons why hiring temp staffing companies is the ultimate solution.

1. It Helps Avoid Legal Issues: Temporary staffing agencies have to keep themselves updated with the changes in employment laws. Because they follow all legal procedures, your company will not be affected when the audit is done.

2. It Gets You Trained Employees: When you want to hire for only a few shifts, you need trained staff. This is where temporary staffing services come at rescue.  They have a large pool of trained candidates who can help you save money that would otherwise be spent on training new employees.

3. It Keeps You Updated With Latest Industry Trends: Staffing companies in India are aware of the latest developments in your industry so they can provide you with exclusive inside information. Some areas where these agencies can be an asset include the latest industry trends, competitive salary and candidate availability. By using insider information, you can also adapt to new strategies that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

4. It Can Help You Build New Connections: Staffing agencies have industry experience and market intelligence so they can help you build new connections which can provide you with cross-promotion and new business growth opportunities.

5. Reduces Overtime Cost: When you are understaffed, you have to pay employees overtime. It can lead to additional costs because overworked employees are error-prone, more likely to be irritable and have low morale. By hiring temporary staffing services, you do not have to worry about paying overtime.

6. Reduces The Stress On Your HR:  Hiring processes can be lengthy and stressful which can put pressure on your HR department. Temp staffing agencies are more adept in hiring processes than a firm’s HR department because hiring is their primary responsibility.

7. Gives You Hiring Advice: Contract to hire or direct hire candidate? How many employees would be required next year to meet business goals? What skills and personality traits are necessary for a particular role? Temp staffing agencies can help you answer such questions.


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