Women’s Day                                                                                   


It’s about time we acknowledge the real heroes of the time, our fabulous women who are champions at home and at work. They strive, they sweat and they constantly wear a smile. Here’s to some of our very own sheroes at Prompt Personnel! Read on to know their Inspiring stories Please don’t forget to share these videos on your timelines and tag the #PromptSheroes in your life!

“I live in a big joint family and everyone here calls me ‘Kohinoor heera.’ I was hitched at an early age of 19 years, but I wished to continue studying, and I was well supported by my family. Though, after getting married, I had to take a break from work for some time. But I strongly believe that in life, you should learn to adjust a little. With this, you can become a leader of anything and achieve everything that you desire! I could proudly say that with a few adjustments here and there in my life, I could surely make many things happen. I am amongst the first few women in my family who is working in a corporate and I encourage others to do the same. They say that I have become their source of inspiration! The only wavering moment was when I realised my little boy is growing up and now needs more attention. But I ended up transforming this period into something good with my positive attitude. I strongly believe that these hurdles are only temporary and that one day my son would be truly proud of me!”
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Introducing our next Prompt Shero, Sneha Panicker!

“I truly believe that planning in advance can help manage both work & personal commitments, and this is my mantra. I am single right now and that has not kept me away from being available for all household chores, health checkups, and anything my family and friends need me for. I am the “Driver” of the house! Driving my parents around every weekend to run errands and taking care of household chores is one responsibility I never turn down and I truly enjoy it. . On the contrary, I believe that work comes first and if you were to call me at 4 am for any work-related task, I would totally be up for it. What I advise young women starting off their careers is just be responsible and 100% committed to what you do!”


We introduce our next Prompt Shero to you, Poonam, who has seamlessly balanced her work life and personal life, and continues to inspire us all.

“I want to give the credit to my understanding partner, who has helped me balance my work and life well. I strongly believe that one should not compromise on the professional front, especially if one is ambitious about their careers. To do this, small adjustments at home should not be so difficult. For instance, occasional meal take-outs instead of cooking, is not a big deal. My husband and I co-ordinate our work-timings to ensure that we spend maximum time at home with each other. I also feel that your professional life can play a great role in your personal life. Your boss/ reporting manager & immediate team will impact smooth operations at work. My only advice to women today is that learn to say no! Everyone must be aware of their limitations and existing work at hand and over-burdening oneself has not helped anyone. It only adds to the stress and can even impact performance levels which further leads to frustration. Do what you can do, and do it 100%!”
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Presenting our next Prompt Shero, Rupali!

“I feel planning is the key to manage everything and that is my mantra to manage home and work together smoothly. I also implement this in my day-to-day life; I plan what all I need to do the next day, a day prior which helps me manage my tasks efficiently both at work & home. At one point, I had a thought of quitting my job to be a home-maker and take care of my growing child, but there came a time when my husband lost his job and I had to step up. Being a working woman, this has helped me overcome a difficult phase & stand as the backbone of my family. This phase of my life helped me to realized that my decision to not quit my job was indeed a correct one! Every woman should be encouraged to get an education, so she can stand for herself and be a strong support to her family. Moreover, living with in-laws should be looked at positively, as they not only provide support at home, but also support your career goals.
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Here is our next Prompt Shero, Monisha! She has mastered the art of balancing her personal life with our professional life, & here is what she has to say.

“I worked part-time initially when I had commitments at home owing to the young age of my kids. Flexi-work timings really helped me here & I was there when my kids needed me. At the same time, I did not give up on my career. I never had a support-system. Bringing up my children like that was difficult. As an entrepreneur, you have to be there for your team motivating them, and this also means late working hours. I would try to give my all at work and that took a toll on my health. There were three phases of my life when I had health problems, and it finally made me realise that I have not been taking enough care of myself. Many people advised me to quit and said there was no dying need to work. But I knew I would be a successful entrepreneur someday and I didn’t give up. After 6 months of break from work and a healthy recovery, I sure did bounce back. I re-looked at the way things were at home & at work, and re-aligned my priorities. This time, the focus was on ME. My advice to young women is “Health is important, don’t ignore it. YOU are the pillar for your family.”Be a strong & brave woman not just in your words & deeds too.
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