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Contract staffing is when a business hires a professional based on a specific agreement. Outlining the basis of employment, this agreement is generally a written contract between a contract staffing company and the employee. These employees are hired for a particular period of time to help with a project and are not considered as a part of the permanent staff. As the name suggests, contract staffing services are a way of hiring talent on a contract. Businesses can quickly ramp up their project teams with the desired number of professionals to fill their short or long-term needs.

With our team of experienced recruiters PAN India, an exhaustive database and automation we are always geared to deliver the right candidates in no time.

How do businesses benefit from Contract Staffing?

Find the right talent at the right time:

Prompt Personnel is one of the leading contract staffing companies in Mumbai that works with skilled employees in many fields with basic as well as higher qualification. We filter and provide the organizations with the talent that best suits their needs. The companies do not have to spend time training the employee as we ensure to provide them with the right candidate for the job at hand. Contractors are available for the times when companies need a helping hand in the office, on the sales floor or the job site. 


By opting to work with employees on a contract basis, businesses end up saving the payroll and other employee benefits that they would otherwise have to spend on the employees. They do not have to rework their project budgets in order to accommodate the workforce.

Hiring contract staffing companies in India enables organizations to eliminate many administrative expenses associated with in-house hiring activities. Moreover, the contract employees are only paid for the time they spend working. This way the companies can save money on the temporary workforce and focus better on their core competence.

Simple and effective hiring process

Contract staffing not only saves money but also simplifies the otherwise complex hiring process. At Prompt, our contract staffing services are inclusive of the salary and other benefits of the employee. This also reduces the contractual obligations of the employers towards their temporary employees like the gratuity benefits. These contracts are subject to renewal and if the employee ends up working for the organization for less than five years, Prompt Personnel will take care of the statutory compliance.

Prompt is working with organizations from various industries and we’d love to work with you. Contact us to see how we can help you!

Our contract staffing services:


Talent Hunt and background checks

Prompt Personnel provides all-around contract staffing services and solutions to help organizations meet their talent requirements and enhance business efficiency. We believe that you deserve a trustworthy workforce. To ensure the authenticity and transparency of the employees we perform verification of the address (with site visit), qualification certificates, past employment records and professional references.

Standard Contractual Procedures

Prompt Personnel is committed to creating employee contracts consisting of all the standard agreements and clauses. These contracts are in compliance with the labour laws in India. A dedicated account manager thoroughly understands the requirements of an organization and matches them with the perfect eligible employee for a pre-decided period of time that may be subject to renewal.

Employee payroll and benefits

When you choose to work with Prompt Personnel, we take care of the employee payroll and other administrative benefits. The organizations can save the time and money that they would otherwise have to spend on the employee. We provide training and development to the employees to ensure the highest productivity and efficiency.

Flexible talent management PAN India:

Depending on the requirements of the organizations we provide flexible staffing services in India’s major cities. Be it professional staffing like MBAs and Engineers or general staffing including white-collar, blue-collar or other managed services, we source temporary workforce all over India.

We offer comprehensive end-to-end contract staffing solutions. Get in touch with us to see how temporary staffing can boost your business.

Industries that we are working with:

We are one of the fastest-growing HR consultancies and extend our contract staffing services to multiple domains. The talent associated with Prompt is skilled and experienced in various industries. Prompt is proud to have provided temporary and permanent workforce to the leading organizations in various industries including:


So now, you can concentrate on other vital aspects of business planning and operations with Prompt Personnel – one of the leading contract staffing companies in India.

How Prompt works for you:

Our App makes things convenient

After the talent hunt is over, the time-consuming and complex process of the onboarding and documentation of the employee is done by Prompt Personnel with the help of our app. The app takes care of all the formalities that need to be taken care of. The app connects employees working at client location PAN India and empower them by keeping their assisting them 24×7.

Talents for multiple fields

Being amongst the leading contract staffing companies in India, Prompt works with professionals from various domains like IT, Media and Marketing, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Retail, Logistics and FMCG, Telecommunication. With our dedicated teams working constantly to bring the best suited knowledgeable, skilled and experienced workforce to help the organizations ramp up their teams.

Quality and Ethical service

Leading the HR Consultancy industry for more than two decades, Prompt Personnel is one of the fastest-growing contract staffing companies. We have a reputation for providing nothing but the best quality service. Winning over the trust of the leading organizations in multiple domains, we let our service speak for itself.

Great opportunities are waiting for you. Speak to our experts and get to know how we can tailor our services around your business.

Make the most of our alliances and tie-ups to find your

future trailblazers.


Trust us to bring on board our dedication, expertise and the best foot forward. We are armed with everything you need to hire an exemplary workforce. We are delighted to present our new platform, Prompt Jobs mobile app, where we advertise your role to our strong user base of job seekers.

PAN India presence

Employee on-boarding through app

Extensive network of business associates

24/7 client support

Service to temp associates

    Let’s get to business



    Contract staffing companies in India check references, screen resumes, shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, and hire candidates who work on-site on the employer’s behalf. They work with tried and tested strategies, have metrics for effectiveness and technological tools to the facilitate hiring process.

    Companies from various industries make use of contract staffing services. These industries could be from IT and Non-IT sectors including Retail, Telecom, Logistics, and healthcare, Pharmacy, Shipping, Education, Airlines, BPO, and Manufacturing etc.

    The salary of a permanent employee is just one part of the total amount a company spends on that person. Medical insurance, sick days, vacation pay, and employer taxes are just a few of the costs associated with permanent staff. With contract staffing companies in India, an organization does not pay for any of that. Everything from employee benefits to payroll is managed by the agency. The organization only pays for the work that the staffing agency does for them, with no additional overhead costs.

    While finding the right talent for the job, contract staffing companies in Mumbai ensure to find someone with the required knowledge and skills. Spending money on training contract workers who will probably cover work for a few months is not worthwhile. Moreover, when their work with a company is completed, the company can choose to extend the contract or let them go.


    Prompt Personnel is a leading Human Resource Outsourcing firm in India having 24 years of experience.


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