Ask a Recruitment Expert: How to Build a Recruitment Process

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Recruitment is one of the key driving forces of every organization, and hence, managers need to place special emphasis on improving recruitment processes. And how do you build a process?? By asking a pro. Recruitment is a professional process of hiring the best talent for an organization, by employing theminimum possible time and resources. It includes a number of stages such as identifying suitable candidates, attracting, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing them for selection. Here’s what experts think you need to build a robust recruitment process:

1. Clear & Extensive Advertising

Advertising is an important factor for building a successful recruitment process. The more you advertise, the more applications you will attract. This will help you to have a wide range of talents to choose from for the openings you have. However, for your ad campaign to be fruitful, it needs to be clear in describing your requirements and what you have to offer. The last thing you want is a barrage of underqualified applications for a position that will only eat your time in scrutinizing and rejecting them.

2. Definitive Mechanism for Evaluation

Once you receive all the applications, you will need to process these applications for selection. Selection is usually a multi-level process, going right from the HR to the top-level management. At each level, the company must have a clear mechanism for evaluation, which would ease the workload of the recruiters as well as the candidates. While the mechanism can be altered or bypassed as and when required, having a preset evaluation system helps you evaluate the candidates on merit, and subsequently take better calculated decisions.

3. Simplify Onboarding

You may have the best selection process, but if your onboarding procedures are complicated it may turn off deserving candidates. Cumbersome procedures have a history of delaying processes, and make it more of a chore rather than an experience. Therefore, you need to simplify onboarding as much as possible. Make the clerical work to join your company simple and easy, so that they are less stressed once they are on the floor. This also includes simplifying bank accounts linking, PF & ESIC, enrollment to facilities, ID-Card Procurement, etc.

4. Ensure Optimum Compliance

Compliance will have more relevance in the post pandemic era than ever. Not only while recruiting a new employee but also for the existing employees you need to ensure that all the laws are complied, especially the labour laws and other laws related to employees’ rights. Any gap in compliance could cause unnecessary delays in the process, sometimes resulting in heavy penalties by the labour law authorities too. End to end HR solutions companies like Prompt Personnel that provide recruitment services also offer labour law compliance solutions. You can utilize their expertise in staying total compliant and ensure you don’t end up on the wrong side of law.

5. Hire a Reputed HR Consultancy Firm

To be a pro, you got to be with the pro. Working with reputed recruitment consultants like Prompt Personnel gives you immense experience in the core competencies required for building a successful recruitment process. Such HR firms can offer services to a large number of clients across a number of industries, which helps them generate an extensive database of candidate profiles and analyze market trends. Data analytics and insights from a reputed HR consultancy firm gives you a competitive advantage in building a more efficient recruitment process.

Working with professional recruitment service providers like Prompt Personnel not only gives you useful insights that help you build a strong team, but also expedites the entire process. Moreover, banking on their strong team and exhaustive candidate profile data, you’re more likely to find the best talent for each role.


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