Employee Background Verification Challenges During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created worldwide unrest and has affected hundreds of thousands of lives globally. It is affecting businesses and organizations to a very great extent. Organizations are uncertain about their next move, their next plan. Also, recruiting front line workers in sectors such as healthcare, retail, transport, etc was never so challenging as it is in Corona times. 

Due to remote working at most organisations, there are various challenges in hiring. At this time, employers are very careful and cautious and are focusing on the applicant’s skills and abilities before recruiting them. One of the key challenges during this time is Background verification. Due to limited resources, organisations are finding it difficult to conduct background checks and verification while hiring new candidates. 

Hiring a professional background verification company can help you to check the background of the candidates and foster quality employment.

Why is background check important? 

One of the greatest advantages of pre-employment background verifications is to promote quality hiring and eliminate the chances of negligent recruitment. Organizations are responsible for the output of their workforce and hence hiring anyone who is not at par at this time can hamper the work quality of the organization. Background screening helps to know the previous employment history and record of accomplishment of a candidate. It provides great insights into their work behaviour and approach.

Background Checks such as identity verification, educational/professional qualifications, employment verification, address verification, and professional references helps to validate the information provided by the candidate. 

Several background verification companies in Mumbai conduct thorough employee background checks on such parameters.

Employee Background Verification Challenges During COVID-19  

The pandemic has affected organisations on background verification activities too. Today background verification companies in India are facing challenges in offering their professional services to their clients. They are too working from home and using digital methods to conduct a background verification process and provide complete screening information to the organizations. Due to lockdown constraints, these background verification companies are not able to perform physical background checks and screening. But they are trying to maintain the level of precision and accuracy as per the pre-Covid times.  

Some challenges faced by the majority of employee background verification companies include:

  1. Courthouse Closures: The Covid-19 restrictions have made it difficult to get access to courthouse closures and records. 
  2. Education verification: Since a majority of educational institutions and universities are non-operational getting access to this information is a little difficult. However, some professional employee background verification companies in Mumbai are able to get the desired information using their sources.
  3. Employment Verification: With organisations switching to work from home mode, there is a delay in getting information concerning previous employment, experience, performance at the previous roles, etc. from the old employer.
  4. Civil and Criminal Records: With public service organisations and several other government departments tied up with COVID-19 duties and with new responsibilities hence, it is challenging to get precise and timely information of a potential candidate.

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the complete scenario but has also increased the awareness and importance of employee background verification. Professional verification companies are functioning smoothly with some delays in the verification process. Screening services are grappling to provide quick, professional, and efficient employee background checks to their patrons. After all, employee background verification is an important step and must not be missed at any time especially, during a pandemic like COVID-19.


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