How Prompt Tackled the Challenges during COVID -19

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Businesses around the world are being disrupted as we speak today, and as a business community, we have to find the answers for the here and now while also planning for the future. I believe that it is time to re-invent the wheel and start doing things that we have never done before. ” INNOVATION IS THE ONLY WAY TO WIN.” As Peter Drucker says, “The Best way to predict the future is to create it. ”

As we at Prompt Personnel successfully tackled the challenges that have come with COVID, we broadly categorize our work now as :

  1. Current Scenario and the Adaptability of the NOW
  2. Future course of action for the NEXT
  3. Technology support to accelerate growth and see the change in a disruptive world

So, how exactly did Prompt Personnel as a company manage these unforeseen circumstances and times? Here’s how.

1) Work from home was inevitable and so, the smooth transition of infrastructure, technology, and employees was prepared with a robust business continuity plan being rolled out even before the lockdown was declared by the Govt. Several team meetings and SOPs were discussed, planned, and shared for all employees.

2) Strong communication levels and passing on of accurate and transparent information was done for the first few weeks. A lot of hand-holding, con-calls, zoom meetings, and well- being of employees was monitored regularly for getting adaptability of employees to the new work situation.

3) ” The way you treat your employee is how they will treat your customers. ”  Customer satisfaction was always top priority for us and now that they were also going through similar situations, it became even more important to us. Employees were told to
show empathy, concern, and care for their customers and imbibe a “Customer-First” approach at all times.

4) Salary is a critical part of any employee's life cycle and their delays lead to ambiguity, fear, and stress for the employees. This was one aspect we took utmost care of, to ensure salaries were disbursed for all the months on the fixed dates into their bank accounts, just like pre-COVID times.

5) As the pandemic was in full force and virus spread in leaps and bounds, we ensured that Medical Insurance of all employees was taken care of, for them as well as their families.

6) Work-Life balance can go for a toss during this time, along with imbalances in managing work and household commitments. This causes stress, physically and mentally, so we started an initiative called #WeCareForYou for our employees, where we had fun-filled entertainment programs with employees, bonding over zoom calls.

7) Like every company affected by the pandemic, we also went through delayed payments, reduction in fees, lack of new client orders or acquisitions, and a total fall in business scenario. However, Hope, positivity, and dedication has helped us to tide through these two months of April and May.

As they say, “ When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going.

8) Employees when taken care of will surely ensure that your company is well taken care of too and that paid us dividends. They worked tirelessly for extended hours to complete work way before schedules, took calls from customers at odd hours, answered each query patiently, and had a customer-first approach to serve the existing customers. They ensured 100% productivity without any interference from the senior managers or the leadership team.

9) Received accolades, appreciation emails, and testimonials from clients for all the hard work and sincere efforts put by the teams, which resulted in referrals and new business avenues opening up for us at Prompt Personnel.

10) Revival and Reinvention of our Working Ways We changed our old methods and processes of working, started empowering teams and managers for their involvement in the business. We introduced GIG workers into the regular hiring and started outsourcing work to them. We cut costs of unnecessary expenses and shut branches that were not needed. We changed focus on new emerging industries such as healthcare, E-commerce, medical supply and services, food processing, retail, and pharmacy, and drug companies.

11) We used TECHNOLOGY to leverage and accelerate growth. We introduced cloud technology supporting software for our various verticals of business.

– Mobile Attendance APP with face recognition and geo-tracking, Digital employee ID Cards for employee Logins
– HR Technology platforms from recruit to exit introduced
– Latest HRMS software for payrolling for Compliance and statutory services giving online solutions
– Vast usage of Digital platforms for branding Prompt Personnel as Knowledge-driven Company
– Upskilling and enriching employees profiles with continuous internal L& D programs

Nevertheless, to keep our employees and work going at the same pace and strive for continued success, we rolled out a manual for employees during the lockdown – Guiding Factors on Employment Law in Unprecedented Crisis , Standard guidelines/ SOP’s for Employees and Organisations for reopening of offices post-COVID.

Challenging times bring with them challenges that none of us have heard of or experienced ever. It’s only with Speed, Emotional Strength, Mental Stability, Resilience, and Agility that we can overcome and sail through this situation, together.

Author: Mrs.MonishaBasakhetre

Executive Director of Prompt Personnel Pvt Ltd, also the head of the Permanent Staffing Division, Branch Administration for the Pan India Branches, IT Infrastructure, HR and ADMIN departments.


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