How To Hire Better For Your Business?

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Post-Pandemic the whole game of hiring has changed drastically. The advancement in technology has bought a revolution in the way we hire. The applicant tracking system may help you only filter candidates but not entirely help you to hire them. Besides, all of us are aware of the fact that business just doesn’t run on products and services we sell, we need people. 

Hiring the right candidate will help you stand the test of time and is really essential no matter which industry you belong to. Keeping up with the battle to find the top talent is not easy. Remember the cost of hiring the wrong candidate is far higher than the cost involved in finding the right one.

Being dependent on your instinct is not enough. One needs to have the right skill and strategies which are equally important when it comes to hiring. 

Here are useful strategies when hiring great employees.

1. Know and comprehend your company values:

Working in the business and leading a team takes a lot more than just skills. Leaders and business owners must communicate company values and vision to candidates as it will be reflected in your customer service and all other things the team delivers. The candidate you hire must be in alignment with your values.

2. Avail of the benefit from your networks:

Tony Robbin rightly said, “It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.” Here he refers to resourcefulness as seeking what you are looking for within your network, which consists of referrals from current employees, different network groups you are part of, your mentors and even social media. 

They say, “If people enjoy their work and their work environment, they’ll recommend people they know.” Ask the existing employees and see how it serves you. This is one of the best strategies for permanent staffing

3. Emphasize more Communications Skills:

Communication plays a significant role in today’s world thanks to the hybrid work environment. We are compelled to communicate on all different channels like phone (calls), virtual calls,  WhatsApp, email, and all social media platforms. Hence, equal importance needs to be given to soft skills as we give to technical skills. 

The right way of communicating across multi-channels will not only help in time management but also improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the team. At Prompt Personnel, our screening methods emphasize soft skills by using tools such as DISC assessments to understand the candidate better.

4. Be Crystal Clear with your Requirement:

Make sure that your job description clearly defines the role and responsibilities for the position you are hiring for. Mention the salary range that you can offer – many companies shy away from disclosing the salary, however providing this information shows transparency and also skims out irrelevant candidates. Besides, don’t forget to keep it short and crisp. 

5. Ask them what are they not good at:

Avoid asking it directly as the candidate may not tell you out of the fear of being rejected. You can ask them questions like what do you say when you miss out on an important deliverable or what will you say when someone criticizes your work and how will you put forth your point. You will also get a chance to see how they will act in uncomfortable scenarios.

6. Pay attention to the questions they ask: 

This will give you a brief idea of how well they have researched for the company, how eager they are about the role they are being offered, and what excites them about the role they are being offered. Such details will say a lot more if you pay attention. 

7. You can hire Apprentices:  

One of the tried and tested methods to have the right mix of workforce is hiring apprentices. This gives you an opportunity to train them on-the-job and convert them into permanent hires based on their performance. One of the best ways to hire apprentices is under the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) Scheme.

There are multiple benefits for employers under NAPS, especially cost-savings, as there are no statutory costs such as PF, ESI, etc. You can engage a third party service provider like Prompt Personnel to manage the payroll and processes under NAPS. Know more about National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme.

Your hiring process can make or break your business. By understanding how to hire employees and onboard them strategically, you will significantly contribute to the company’s growth. 

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