How to work from home the right way       

Although the idea of work from home isn’t novel to some people, it can topple the routines and productivity of others, who haven’t or cannot indulge in this trend. However, now with the countrywide lockdown in effect, everyone has been forced to adopt work from home. For those who aren’t used to delivering the same productivity and performance as that in an office, at home, this has been and may be difficult with multiple distractions, lack of a dedicated work station and environment. Here is how you can work from home the right way, without compromising on your performance and productivity.

Create a work friendly environment

Make yourself comfortable and rejuvenate well before you begin and set on a mission for the day. Create an environment that is conducive for you to work in. Dedicate a particular corner of the house to your work, include your planners and work to-dos in your work paraphernalia and set the mood to work in. Make a note of all things you have to do and tick them one by one.

Dedicate a set time slot

We may be relatively free from the regular 9-5 time slot as we take work home. But it is still crucial for us to set a particular time slot to work and adhere to it by all means. Use your time wise and bright and dedicate and don’t let laziness hamper with this set time.

Set boundaries with family

With every member of the family being home, there is bound to be maximum disturbance at home. While everyone is engaged in board-games, movies and other hobbies together in the living room, it can be difficult for you to focus. It is important that you set some rules down and draw boundaries with everyone. This is imperative for them to understand and allow that space to you when you are working.

Increase communication with you teammate

It is easy to be in the zone of your work at an office, where one can simply stroll their chair to their colleagues’ desk or just dial the desk code, in case of any help. The same cannot happen at home, and to maintain the efficiency of work, one needs to be connected with them. To facilitate this, you can engage in conference calls and video calls and keep the communication frequent.

Take frequent but small breaks

Although work continues and you need to dedicate more or less, the same hours to it, you don’t necessarily have to sit 9-5 in your chair. Take small but regular breaks, do a chore, engage in a hobby and relax for a minute.

Although this has been an unprecedented situation, professionals who aren’t adapted to a work from home pattern, will simply have to find ways to be productive at home too. It is definitely not as difficult as you might feel. With a few ways and techniques, one can work from home the right way and efficiently.


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