Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020


Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020 emphasizes on health, safety and welfare of the workers employed in various sectors like industry, trade, business, manufacturing, factory, motor transport undertaking, building and other construction work, newspaper establishments, audio-video production, plantation, mine and dock-work and service sectors.

The Code makes mandatory provisions for the employers to provide a safe working environment and trying to cover the risk of unfortunate incidents arising in the course of employment.

Key Highlights

  • The Code aims at lessening the burden of the employers as it would replace multiple registrations under various enactments to one common registration, one licence and one return which will ultimately create a consolidated database centrally and will be helpful under ease of doing business.
  • The workplace should be kept free from hazards that cause or likely to cause injury or occupational disease to the employees
  • Employers are required to conduct free annual health check-up for their employees.
  • Issuance of appointment letter to every employee on their appointment in the establishment
  • Workers / Employees are entitled to receive overtime amount at the rate of twice the wage.
  • Employers or Contractors are responsible to provide welfare facilities to inter-state migrant workers.
  • Employers are required to provide facilities such as ventilation, humidification, potable drinking water, adequate lighting, creche, washing facilities, bathing places, locker rooms etc.
  • The licence issued by the appropriate authority for inter-state migrant workers shall be made electronically.
  • Contractor operating in more than one state will have one licence from the Central Government and the validity of Licence will be 5 years and may be renewed thereafter.
  • The contractor shall apply for amendment of licence along with security deposit in case if there is increase in number of the contract labour.
  • Workers employed in Transport, Sales Promotion and Journalism have special work hour and leave requirements specified.
  • Employer in construction business cannot hire workers with defective vision, deafness, or a tendency for giddiness, if there’s risk of accident.
  • The employer to pay yearly journey allowances to every inter-state migrant worker a lump-sum amount of fare for to-and-fro journey to his native place from the place of his employment.
  • Employer in plantation to make provisions for necessary housing accommodation including drinking water, kitchen and toilet, health and recreational facilities, to every worker employed in the plantation (including his family), crèches facilities for plantations having more than 50 workers (including workers employed by any contractor), educational facilities for children of workers between six to twelve years of age.

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