Senior Management Talks on Maintaining Productivity during COVID-19

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During this tough time where businesses are facing challenges; we thought it’d be more helpful to gain some in-depth insights from the top management who are well-adept with their area of work. With our new series on #PromptProductivity, we are sitting down with some of the key people in our organisation, for a detailed chat on how to achieve productivity during unprecedented times like Covid-19. We had a talk with our GM – Business Operations & Automation, Mr. Ali Khan to understand how he has tackled and managed work from home for his team, and here is what he says.

It is a tough time for the workforce of all levels, especially for you. How are you coping with this sudden, unprecedented challenge, in terms of managing work from home? How has the current situation impacted productivity levels in your department?

Work from home has always been an exciting concept for me, ever since I was first introduced to it in the early stage of my career. In this MNC, I finally got the opportunity to develop a Work from Home arrangement. In my next career move, to an MNC Tech giant, I used to work from home quite often. So, adapting to this new working style did not pose any challenge.

The current COVID-19 pandemic situation has enforced the Business Continuity Plan. However, the productivity levels in my department remain unaffected. The biggest reason being the time that was earlier used up by commute is now being invested in adapting to the changed environment of work from home.

How are you managing your employees and their work from home? How are you overcoming these challenges to ensure regular flow of work?

The Daily Pan India team conference call comes handy in this situation. We started this practice in December last year, where all team members come together on a daily basis over a call and discuss what’s been done and what can be done next. To address any challenge, the Team WhatsApp group acts as a catalyst to attract required attention and thereby, getting the issue/challenges resolved. There are also regular guidelines shared on a new working style and ways to remain focused towards the basic KRAs.

How are you ensuring good performance despite the situation and work for clients?
We have a couple of team output trackers, where each team member is mandated to update his daily output. The regular follow ups and reviewing of these trackers keeps us focused towards continued performance.

What techniques are you implementing/implemented to ensure productivity and efficiency?

    • The idea of having a ‘shared team performance tracker’ helped maintaining the productivity and efficiency. Since, they can see each other’s performance, team members do have a healthy competition amongst themselves to stand out.

The on boarding of associates happens majorly on Prompt Associate Mobile App and few cases via Email. We can rightly term it as E-Onboarding where all joining documents are collected electronically and managed centrally by HO Onboarding TL.

  • All the solutions that I implemented were pioneered with a thought of ‘ANYTIME-ANYWHERE’ approach. That is why I chose the ‘Cloud Based’ technological solutions. Be it Talent Recruit ATS, Mobile Attendance or Bulk SMS Service, all are cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time. During this pandemic, all these solutions are being tested to their core, firmly holding their ground and giving the desired output.


What tip would you give to professionals out there and to top level management to maintain productivity even in this situation?

This Pandemic has changed EVERYTHING, even the way we think and operate! A LOT is going to change around the world in every industry, every country and economy with A LOT of lessons to be taken. Technology’s role has only doubled in the current scenario. I am in touch with my friends who are in Tech world and have been listening from them that their activities have increased multi folds. Be it the enablement of work from home or business continuity, everything has become possible due to quick implementation of Technological solutions available in the market today. My advice to professionals out there and to top management would be to always have an appetite for ‘embracing technology’ and driving this culture from top to the bottom. At the same time, I also suggest having a dedicated Tech Budget; that would be an added advantage.

This has been an unprecedented situation for not just companies but also for employees. What everyone needs at this point is to keep communication clear and transparent while also considering other factors like any pain points of employees and their overall well-being


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