Silver Lining

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“Don’t be scared to see up the darkening clouds

There is always, a ray of the Sun, smiling beyond.” 

-Kaji Najrul Islam, Poet

These are dark times since last many months now everyone is only talking about the Covid-19 Pandemic. Talking about deaths, about rising numbers, about depression, about unemployment and much more negativity which is for no good. Therefore, it is better to think POSITIVE, of course, from the perspective of life, and to engage ourselves such a manner so that, we can at least try to get something good from this turbulent situation.

Since last 4 months, being a part of Prompt Personnel Permanent recruitment team, I have been working from home. At first, for a couple of weeks it felt so boring to settle and then I started to adjust myself in the new system and actually found it much better in a productive way. Not only officially as well as from a personal point of view also. I went through a lot of motivational videos, had attended few webinars by motivational speakers, and what I felt and understood, that we all have to learn and live in this situation as a new NORMAL as everything will never be the same as earlier it used to be.

Therefore, I want to share few views, might or might not be agreed by everyone, but sounds and feels effective for me.


Obviously, it’s natural and a matter of worry, therefore we are sticking to the COVID news and discussing the situation 24/7, making life scary for ourselves and also for our close ones. Therefore, it’s better to stay away from the News, particularly from Covid related news. I am doing so, and it feels better and safe, you know, sometimes, in some cases as they say, IGNORANCE IS BLISS. At least, Covid can’t kill you daily, minutes after minutes, seconds after seconds…


As all our outside activities are barred due to the lockdown and all, of course, there will be a bit of more time outside your work hours, which we can use to develop ourselves doing some activities that will develop our creativity, maybe it is drawing, writing, cooking, painting, gardening or anything of your choice. The main thing is to engage yourself, don’t give your time thinking about Covid and Panic.


Working from home, of course, makes you sit hours at one place without walking and going out and moving much. Rather, foodies like me tend to eat a lot of delicious foods,  to add to that No Gyms and health clubs are open during lockdown, so there is little chance to get away from your extra calories. Therefore, only one thing can keep you fit that is freehand exercises, and who can afford fitness devices at home, the point is, to let your extra calories burn, otherwise of course we will be less immune to fight Covid or other diseases as well. Doing Yoga, Meditation will keep your mind calm and delete your worries for at least sometime, it puts a great effect on our minds.


Being human beings of the modern age, we are always busy with the outside world and find no time to talk to our own self amidst the fast paces of life. Thinking and nurturing our own mind, self–check, giving yourself a little bit more space, for a reality check, modifying mistakes, and giving a bit time to understand our own self better may bring a huge change in fact, that extra time has been provided to all of us, due to the lockdown, make the most of it. Maybe we will not find time, if, of course hoping that everything becomes as it used to be. Isn’t it a blessing in disguise! Think.


Reading the above, one might think, it is easier said than done. And they are not wrong if they say so. So of course, if we need to stay in a better place than others, we have to try these at least, and we will see the effect by ourselves. But of course not to forget all the instructions given by the Government to keep yourself safe from Covid Pandemic. Take care of self, take care of the others. Be Sympathetic and Empathetic towards the Infected.


Author: Mr. Ratul Ganguly
Senior Executive Recruitment.


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