Top 5 Recruiting Strategies to Find The Right Talent in 2022: Prompt Personnel

Recruiting today is not the same as it was before. The traditional recruitment tools are being replaced by a candidate-driven market. With no shortage of job opportunities, you will need a good recruitment strategy to build a workforce that will give your company a competitive edge. To find and retain potential candidates, your business should focus on some elements in its recruitment process.

Here are a few recruitment strategies that many HR consultants in India use to find the perfect candidates for your company: 

Post A Broader Job Vacancy In Job Advertisements

Job seekers look for clarity in advertisements in terms of company history, profile, pay scale, and career opportunities. Make these points clear in your job postings.  When a candidate reads the advertisement, he should know why he should join your company out of the 100 companies out there. You can also post a link about your company to give candidates a fair idea about the culture of your organization.

Try Campus Recruiting To Find Fresh Talent

College campuses are full of young bright and enthusiastic talents. Many top universities and colleges have tie-ups with placement agencies. Campus recruiting is a good way to recruit bright young graduates.

  • Conduct workshops and seminars in colleges to give information about the vacancies in your company.
  • Provide internship opportunities for students.
  • Sponsor college festivals and events.
  • Feature your company in college newspapers.

Add Perks To Attract Top Talents

If you look at the top companies around the world, it is their work environment that attracts the best talent from around the world. Perks like both side cab facilities, buffet meals, health insurance policies, bonuses, allowances are some strategies companies like Facebook use to attract candidates.

Use The Power Of Social Media To Your Advantage

When it comes to recruiting top talent, social media is your friend. There are many sites like Linkedin where you can search for potential candidates. Research has shown that 73% of millennials found their last job through social media.

Quicken The Hiring Process

This is where many companies fail while recruiting. They interview a candidate and respond after many days. This approach backfires most of the time because by the time the response comes the candidate has already found a new job or has got a call for an interview from a better company. Top candidates are in high demand and if you are slow to recruit them, you might lose a good candidate who would have added value to your company.

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Remember you are selling yourself just like a brand does.  Be smart and tactful while doing so and you will recruit the right candidates with ease.


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