Top employee retention strategies

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Employees are considered as the backbone of a company and they play an important role in the development of an organization. If an organisation needs to flourish it will require a team of efficient and productive employees. Employee retention strategies include policies adopted by companies to reduce the turnover rate or lower employee attenuation to a considerate level.

Why are employee retention strategies essential?

A well-described employment policy along with a healthy environment is essential to give a morale boost to the employees. Higher rates of employee turnover don’t only impact business productivity but also hampers the workplace culture. Moreover, the company may incur a lot of expenses in filling up the space of the departed employee. Permanent staffing companies in India are well equipped to provide ideal employees to match the company profile. 

Employee retention strategies

This article describes some of the best employee retention strategies that organizations can adopt in 2021.

  • Hiring the right people

The uprising of a company begins with hiring the right people who fit with your company’s culture and are aligned with your organization’s goals. Hiring top talents not only increase the company’s performance but also boosts employee morale. Staffing companies in India have established a thorough recruitment process that helps employers to hire the right talent. 

  • Advanced onboarding process

New employees want to be valued by every member of the organisation. Once the recruitment process is done, the managers must ensure the onboarding process is exciting and engaging. An advanced onboarding process also helps to generate trust among the newly hired and the existing employees. Digital on boarding is one of the best ways to combat the current situation and make employees well acquainted with the company and its policies. Digital onboarding has set a new pathway by overcoming the traditional challenges and streamlining the hiring process.

  • Conducting career development program

Organizations must regularly conduct career development programs. Career development programs are one of the best strategies for employee retention. The managers should conduct one-to-one meetings with their team to get proper feedback. Such programs will lead to understanding whether their goals are being met, and also check if any progress is being made. Even in today’s new way of remote working managers must take the time to understand the strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and skills of the employees. It will help them to find out the areas of improvement to draft their training schedule.

  • Give more positive feedbacks

Work from home is a different ball game. It requires smart and efficient communication between managers, team and people across the organisation. Monitoring, scheduling is crucial for work from home. It demanges regular communication as well as optimum vigilance between managers and teams. Managers or business owners should make sure to give positive feedback to motivate their team. Positive feedback can include appreciation mails, handwritten notes, communal praising, and many more ways that boost their productivity as well as dedication towards the company.

  • Work-life balance

The global pandemic has caused great unrest and has created uncertain ambiguous situations. Working professionals find it difficult to cope up with the blurring lines between work and personal life. To retain the job position, combat the situation and secure the future an employee must maintain a balance between personal and work-life. The company must provide its employees with flexible working hours or work from home scenarios to maintain this balance. This balance, in turn, helps the employees to concentrate on their duties and increases productivity. 

  • Respect ideas and thoughts of employees

No matter if the staff is permanent or temporary, the management should always give a chance and an open environment to employees to share their ideas. Not only will their input make them feel valued but also give them the zeal to work harder. This will in turn impact the employee retention at the organisation.

  • Build a reward program

Building a rewarding system will help the employees to understand that their hard work has paid off. They will feel appreciated and thereby have a positive perception of their workplace. 

  • Offer an alluring base salary

The employees must feel like their hard work is being appreciated. The companies can offer attractive base salaries that will make the employees feel valued for their time and effort. 

In India, several staffing companies provide excellent staffing solutions. Whether looking for temp staffing or a more permanent solution, these HR staffing corporations can do wonders. Hereby, it can be stated that the profit of a company largely depends on the professionalism and proficiency of its employees. Employee retention can help to acquire the desired stability in these unstable and difficult times. It can streamline the work and inculcate great confidence in the employees as well as organization. Companies must incorporate newer strategies and adopt advanced techniques to retain their employees and stabilize organisational working. After all, employee retention is the key for success of any business. 


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