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1. It has been a difficult year not just for working women but also for men, There has been a shift in the workplace and patterns, blurring lines between work hours and home. How have you managed the work-life balance during the pandemic?

Yes, it has been a difficult time for everyone as no one might have thought they would face these days, it was difficult in the beginning as all was new for us and it took time to sink in but gradually we accepted the new norm and sulk into it. Again, there was a challenge as there were no domestic help around where one has to do all the chores related to housework and also at the same time not let your work suffer. But I guess after a weeks’ time things started to settle in and we manage to come out of it with a brave heart and a new routine was set.

2. What role have you played in supporting teams during this time, both men and women?

Yes, as it was difficult to accept and understand how one would survive in this challenging time where there were so much negativity spread across and heart filled with fear, these are the times when being the leader of the team you need to step-up and set an example in front of the team and hold your emotions and come with the solutions for the problems faced by the team and lead the team keeping the sentiments in mind. For eg (in the initial days of complete lockdown it was difficulty for lot of people to manage their daily groceries and essential stuff where some time they need to get down in working hours we understood the situation and allowed them those brakes so that we can maintain work life balance and in return they have clocked extra hours to balance work).

3. What do you think about gender disparity at the workplace today? What steps would you personally take to make a difference here?

I believe in equality, an fortunately my organization thinks on the same line and it has been followed over years, although in recruitments, you will find more females compare to men so we need to maintain that balance across and have an open approach keeping the integrity of the team in intact. Also lot of our clients are looking for gender diversity and often consult us on the same.(Research has found that you can attract more diverse candidates through more carefully worded job postings, offering work schedule flexibility, using assessments, and tapping into novel candidate pipelines also AI-powered software technology is enabling recruiters and talent acquisition professionals to increase diversity through automated screening)


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