5 Reasons Why Continuous Complaining at Workplace Is Toxic

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One of the biggest issues plaguing most organizations around the world are employees who are always discontent with their superiors and the organization, and thus indulging in unproductive discussions about them. They are never content with what their employers and workplace offer them, perhaps owing to their perceived superiority. Little do they realize that such futile actions may not serve any purpose in the long term! It surely does not benefit the organization that has employed them. It also does not do them any favor.

It affects the morale of the organization

It is common knowledge that negativity spreads faster than wildfire. When people show apathy towards their work and their responsibility as professionals it has a detrimental effect on the other people who are working in the same organization as them. When people complain incessantly, it affects even those who have the most positive outlook in life. Such people are also not averse to circulating rumors about the organization, thus increasing its attrition rate. It becomes like a quagmire from which there is perhaps no way out. This is where a positive and productive HR consultancy can play a major role and address the issues by acting as the channel of communication between the conflicted parties.

It drags down productivity

When people spend more time complaining they lose focus from their work. Negligence of duties becomes the norm. They waste valuable man-hours in actions that benefit no one such as circulating lies and false propaganda and advocating their perception as the truth. This also adversely affects people who want to work honestly and fruitfully for their employers and repose the faith that they have shown by recruiting them.

It breeds unprofessionalism

To manage and control any negative behavior of the employees, human resource personnel plays a major role.  employees may make too many mistakes at work, considering how they preoccupy themselves otherwise. This also affects the new employees coming to the organization who see their seniors carrying a lackadaisical attitude towards their work and the general fulfillment of their duties. They have the misconception that such is the way to go about things in the organization. A lot of HR consultants nowadays are working upon these issues by arranging various programs and activities to generate positivity in the work environment.

It sours the working relationship between management and the lower levels

One look at all the successful organizations of the world would reveal a harmonious working relationship at all levels and strata of the same. However, when people complain, they somehow do not fit into the organization. In such situations, no matter what the higher-ups do, they cannot convince these people. This, in turn, creates a negative impact on both the management and the employees, resulting to termination of the employee.

It can cause long-term damage to organizations

Companies hire people through HR recruitment agencies to be the pillars and foundations of their success. However, when some people in the organization make it a habit of complaining at every conceivable opportunity, they make other employees despondent. This affects the whole environment of work. Derogatory attitude leads to repeated mistakes in work that can affect the brand equity and profits of the organization that has spent plenty of resources in hiring those employees. In the long run, this can also affect the margins and thus lead to the organization to either shut shop or scale down to survive.



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