Background Verification Basics – What You Need to Know

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Hiring an employee is quite similar to adding a new member to the family. Once they’re in, they are the company, its heart and soul. To avoid any future regrets, it is essential to thoroughly verify the credentials furnished by the employee, and their background. In the digital age, where Deepfake is the new normal, background verification has become more important than ever. With the evolution of technology, methods of verifying backgrounds have also evolved over time. However, the basics still remain the same, albeit the approach towards them has changed. To help you have a clear idea on the basics of background verification and modern techniques of approach, here are a few tips that you need:

  • Identity Verification

Identify verification is one of the most basic background checks you need to make – ensuring that the would-be employee is indeed the person he/she claims to be. This includes verifying the authenticity of government-issued IDs, photographs, and other identification certificates. While this might seem quite obvious, to make mistakes where you never expect is a human tendency. Top background verification companies like Prompt Personnel can help you a great deal in this regard, as they specialize in such services.

  • Address Verification

Address verification is another important aspect, which is a tedious one, given the fact that the company has to do it for every new employee. And that’s a lot, especially in industries like IT and BPO. A few hiccups here and there is all needed for a verification breach, and that’s not a good sign, to say the least. Address verification includes verifying rent agreements, electricity bills, and also about previous residential history. Hiring experts with a pan India presence, is the smart thing to do, given the fact that they have employees in megacities from all over the country.

  • Criminal Database Verification

This is where you really don’t want to go wrong – verifying the criminal record, or the absence of it, of the employee. The last thing you want is a sexual offender or a cyber security hacker to get into the cosmopolitan culture of your IT or Pharma company, where patents and secrecy is the key. Especially for those companies with zero-tolerance policy, it becomes even more important to verify criminal records for potential employees hailing from places far and wide – another reason why background verification companies in Mumbai like Prompt, who have a presence in 8 metro cities in India, are of immense value.

  • Credential Verification – Academic, Employment & Professional Reference 

One of the key parameters to assess the candidate are the past credentials. This includes academics, employment experiences, professional references from previous organizations, etc. Consequently, verifying credentials is the most crucial part in the process of staffing, especially while hiring for influential posts of team leaders, managers, surveillance personnel, etc. While academics help you somewhat judge the capabilities of the employee, employment and professional reference verification help you to evaluate behavior, consistency, dedication, and professionalism. 

To solve your necessities of background verifications, Prompt Personnel offers a complete suite of verification services. And coupled with the nationwide network, it is the only firm you will ever need for background verification and other staffing solutions. 


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