Debunking 5 Myths about Temporary staffing

The year of the pandemic has caused businesses a lot of disruption in their operations and many have taken a hit. This has inadvertently led to many businesses tightening their budgets and cutting costs. Amongst such cost cuts, manpower costs have been on the forefront. It has been an uphill task for managers to make a decision on hiring activities. In such a scenario, Temporary staffing has proven to be a silver lining for many businesses which were hesitant for permanent hiring.

Small businesses or even large multinational conglomerates benefit largely from temp staffing. One can not only fill up the gaps in the company and support the workload but also meet the seasonal demands of the business as well as improve productivity by availing temporary staffing services. As the economy is starting to go on the positive side, more and more companies are inclining towards temporary staffing for reasons such as –

  •  Cost-efficiency
  •  Helps to maintain appropriate staffing levels
  •  Increased productivity
  • Time-saving
  • Reduced training costs

These advantages are also accompanied by certain misconceptions that companies and even employees still have. Read on to differentiate myths from facts as temp staffing is the future. 

Myth 1: The employees will only be there for a temporary period

Yes, employers can avail temporary staffing services through agencies but the duration of the workforce totally depends on the employer. The employers are free to retain the employee for as long as the project duration or even hire them permanently. The staffing agencies are just a mode to avail the necessary workforce whenever needed, however it is the discretion of the employer to retain the employees for as long as the business requires.

Myth 2: Temp staffing is expensive

Nothing can be as distant from fact as this myth. Hiring temporary staffing agencies will help you to not only save time but also effort and money. These staffing agencies are made up of professionals who specialize in sourcing, training, and appointing employees based on your requirements. All the duties, from conducting interviews to the recruitment and training process, will be taken care of by these firms. In turn, you get to focus more on the output, key performance areas, and thereby increase the turnover. 

Myth 3: Temporary staffing may not give the benefit of quality talent

This is yet another myth. Studies have shown that in recent times, more and more employees are looking for part-time or contractual jobs as they need more flexibility and want to try various job exposures. So, opting for temporary jobs helps to meet their needs and enter the workforce. Moreover, staffing agencies invest a lot of time and effort to conduct a thorough background check and ensure that the final candidates match the client’s requirements. 

Myth 4: HR vs Staffing agencies

Many companies believe that their HR division will take care of the recruitment process. But the reality is that in most cases the HR teams are large enough to maintain normal business profits. Moreover, HR needs to monitor other important aspects of the company as well related to compensation and benefits. In cases where we need to fill up immediate vacancies can increase the workload on the internal HR teams. Thus, hiring temp staffing agencies will not only help to fill the vacancies in a quick turnaround time but also be cost and labor efficient. 

Myth 5: Staffing agencies only fill entry-level positions

This is yet another myth that is far away from reality. These staffing agencies have all the necessary tools, knowledge about the industry, and sources to look for the best-suited candidates. From sourcing in entry-level employees to skilled employees matching the job profile, staffing agencies may prove to be beneficial. Temporary staffing has got much more attention in the previous few years. Many renowned and specialist recruiting firms are offering the best temp staffing services to reduce the financial burden from the companies. 

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