How to Mitigate the Risk of Compliance in a Remote Work Force

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To say the very least, the unprecedented times that we are in have altered the ways a human mind thinks. With lockdowns in most parts of the country terms like remote workforce and work-from-home have become the new normal. However, the new ways of functioning have posed some of the most challenging questions which have caused managers across industries to reimagine business operations and find ways, not only to survive but also to thrive. 

One of the toughest challenges out of all is the compliance risks, which is not only a key concern for industries such as banking, finance, and insurance, but almost all those that are involved in classified information or confidential client data. We’ve already witnessed several instances throughout the country of compliance and data security breaches directly or indirectly caused due to remote workforce. However, there are certain steps that can help you minimize compliance risks to a great extent:

  • Regularly Analyzing the Regulatory Directions by the Government

Unprecedented times have called for unprecedented measures, and you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of the new laws. Therefore, you need to keep a regular track of all the new government directions and amendments in labour laws, and regulations related to the specific industries. It is a no-brainer to hire a firm that specializes in labour law compliance and advisory, consult someone like Prompt Personnel who have a dedicated team of labour law experts to ensure clients stay compliant.

  • Deploying Technology to Ensure Maximum Data Security and Employee Activities

Technology hasn’t been more important to companies than it is in the post pandemic era. And there’s been a considerable amount of innovation in finding solutions to the new problems and needs. Look for such solutions, see what would help you track your employees’ activities while working on your cyber systems, and what could be more helpful in protecting confidential information, and deploy it. There could hardly be a better investment in such dire times.

  • Enable Automation Wherever Possible

We’re living in the digital age, an age where machines are intelligent, but only as much as we want them to be. This also means that they are more trustworthy than human beings as humans have the power of choice, but the machines don’t. Therefore, it only makes sense to go for automation as far as possible. Though, the only question is how far can you go and still be within limits of the labour laws. An expert labour law advisor, like the ones at Prompt, can help you practically understand the extent of automation you can have and still be compliant of the laws.

  • Thorough Background Verifications of New Recruits

While background verification of new recruits itself is a crucial part of compliant staffing processes, it holds even more relevance in the post pandemic age. It is not as much about hiring talented professionals, as it is about hiring those with a proven track record of integrity. While working remotely gives you access to talent from all over the country, it also invites influences from various cultures and communities. Therefore, having a reliable partner with a nationwide presence, is a great asset at this time. Employees with clean records, credible academic and professional credentials automatically reduces a certain part of compliance risks companies face in a remote workforce.

If you follow these steps and consistently monitor your processes, you will definitely be able to minimize losses more efficiently. Partner with Prompt, and we will make sure that you have the best practices in place to avoid any compliance risks in a remote workforce.


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