Interesting Things You Might Not Know about Labour Law

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Labour laws compliance play a vital role in protecting the rights of workers, their union, salaries, and more importantly, the link between the government and the workers. It is a protective code to make the labourers and employees aware of their rights and establish a standard law regarding labour work practice. The Ministry of Labour and Employment aims to protect and safeguard the interest of workers and attempts to create a healthy working environment for maximum productivity. The labour law advisors maintain harmony and balance at the workplaces by ensuring the proper compliance of labour laws.



The Historical background:

Labour came into practice as a conflict between workers and trade unions. The growth of labour law is an outcome of the worker’s desire to seek better working conditions, flexible work-life balance and the employers needed to have an economic and productive workforce for better production and sales. The labour law is, therefore, a product and component of the struggles between the interests of society. The International Labour Organization was one of the first organizations to manage these struggles.

The Evolution:

The labour law arose due to the demand of the labourers for better working conditions. Simultaneously, the employers wanted to restrict the powers of the workers and keep the labour costs low. The labour and employment law, also known as the Industrial law enacted by the British was meant primarily to protect the interests of British workers. The post-colonial law observed considerable changes when independent India demanded a direct relationship between labour and capital. The Trade Dispute Act, 1929 (Act 7, 1929) was the earliest attempt to establish a relationship between the employee and employer. This act abolished child labour restricted the working of women at night, allowed 8 hours of work in a day and anything beyond that would require overtime wages. Provisions in this act limit the strikes, lockout nights and disputes. The labour law consultancies ensure that the labourers would be provided with fair wages and fair working conditions and the employers would receive uninterrupted cooperation, continuous production and maximum productivity from the labourers.

The purpose of Labour Legislation:

To adapt to the economical and social changes of the modern world, the labour law fulfils three crucial roles: – It promotes a productive economy by facilitating the relationships between the productive individual and collective environment. – It acts as a framework where the employees, workers, and their representatives can interact about work-related issues and maintain harmonious workplace relations. – It provides a constant reminder that the fundamental principles of labour rights have gained societal recognition and need to be implemented. The labour law consultants can only fulfil their functions if they are in compliance with the constantly evolving labour market. The most effective way of ensuring that these laws are taken into consideration is the involvement of stakeholders and parties. The involvement of the stakeholders is a great way of ensuring the development and facilitation of the application of laws within and beyond the formal structured economic sectors. Labour Law is a vast topic filled with a number of complexities. If you are getting started or are in the process, you need an expert like Prompt Personnel to help you out and ensure your business remains total compliant.


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