We all know that we are in Lockdown phase and maximum people are working from home.

The two common concerns which I came across while talking to any of my friends, colleagues, relatives and even clients is gaining weight since there is no physical activity& stress as WFH has broken the barrier of time limit of working hours and therefore many a times urgent calls/work at odd hours needs to be attended at that very moment.

What can we do to overcome this, as gaining excess weight& taking stress, both are injurious to Health.


I read somewhere that “OUR BEST FRIEND IS OUR OWN BODY” and hence keeping self-healthy is very important. As I guess nobody of us would like to have SPIRIT/SOUL as a BEST FRIEND, right 😊

I know gym has been closed & we are restricted to morning, evening walks, jogs etc. But we have to live with it and have to find an option to overcome this, as nobody knows when things will be settled as normal.

We all have accepted the life which is now called as the “New Normal”. So, let’s add “me time” in this new normal life…

Let us have “ME TIME” for 1 hour every day for Self.

Divide this 1 hour of me time into 3 phases – I have named is “Ram”

  1. 15 Mins – Relax
  2. 30 Mins – Activity
  3. 15 Mins – Meditation

1st Phase – 15 Minutes – Relax

Calm yourself – Do not think about any of your pending work both Professional & personal, No TV, No Social Media just close your eyes and breathe. You may also listen to your favourite song which will lift your mood. Once you are in your “ME ZONE”, we will go to PHASE 2.

2nd Phase – 30 Minutes – Activity (It is time to get on the floor)

Get up and choose the activity you love to do (Please note Sleeping is not an activity, so you do not have this option during “ME TIME”)

  • Put Loud Music and do Stretching and Basic Exercise,
  • Dance, if you love to Dance
  • Stretching with Basic Yoga
  • Skipping, if you have space
  • Any other Indoor activity which requires physical effort
  • You have nothing in your mind, do some sit-ups, Squats, Lunges.

3rd Phase – 15 Minutes – Meditation

Calm yourself Down – Be seated in a meditation position and just concentrate on your breath. 

Believe me, just follow the above Plan for 6 days as Sunday is cheat day. It works wonders!!

Physical Activity will help you to remain fit & meditation will reduce your stress and yes don’t forget to smile 😊

Author: Mrs. Poonam Gupta
Manager – Client Service (HR Services & LLC)

Manager – Client Service (HR Services & LLC)


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