Unfiltered Perspective of Prompt Men | Work-Life Balance

  1. It has been a difficult year not just for working women but also for men, There has been a shift in the workplace and patterns, blurring lines between work hours and home. How have you managed the work-life balance during the pandemic?

Many people across the country are struggling to maintain their work-life balance because of the pandemic. Workplaces are going fully or partially remote, kids are home from school, businesses are closed, and normal events and gatherings are restricted or canceled. Initially, it was very challenging for me because I had never experienced work from home condition. It was very difficult to manage my daily routine work at home. 

Despite the challenges, it’s possible to stay healthy and positive. Here I have learnt few ways to improve my work-life balance while managing the new remote pandemic environment. 

  • Created working environment at home, which helps me to focus on my day to day activity.
  • Created daily schedules which help me to build equal balance between work and personal life.
  • Focus on my Mental Health, because it help me to calm during the pandemic by doing meditation and yoga. 

2. What role have you played in supporting teams during this time, both men and women?

I have Increased the frequency of virtual meetings, calls with my team in both ways, professionally and personally. It helps me to build good relationships with my team professionally and personally. We usually did Chai pe samvaad with the Team so that they feel relax and energetic. 

3. What do you think about gender disparity at the workplace today? What steps would you personally take to make a difference here?

Steps needs to be taken to promote gender equality at workplace.

  • Positive company culture. A gender-equal work environment where all employees feel respected and valued creates an overall more positive workplace for all of your employees. When you have a gender-diverse environment, your employees will likely notice that their coworkers have talents and strengths they don’t possess themselves. The appreciation for these differences will help promote an environment of respect among the team.
  • More innovation and creativity. People of different genders bring unique talents, strengths and skills into the workplace, which can improve collaboration and result in a stimulating and creative environment. In fact, companies often find that a gender diversity can lead to greater innovation within the workplace.
  • Build a great reputation. By being intentional about promoting gender equality in the workplace, you’ll foster a great company reputation with the outside world. People who have similar values will want to work for you, and with happy employees you’ll have a positive and productive workforce.
  • Improved conflict resolution. Strong communication skills among employees is essential for company-wide success. People of different genders naturally communicate differently, with some preferring to communicate problems directly and others work as peacemakers. When you combine these different communication styles in one work environment, you can more easily achieve conflict resolution.

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