10 to-dos on an employee’s first day                                   

A very crucial part of an HR’s role is the on-boarding of a new employee, which is the process of interacting with the employee on their first day. It not only makes the employee feel welcome and happy to be a part of the organisation but also impacts their productivity positively. This process of on-boarding covers every step, like taking care of the preparations, arranging for an orientation to familiarize them with every aspect of their work and introducing them to the team. In addition to these, introducing them to the tools and software used in the organisation and evaluating their on-boarding experience afterwards is also important.
1. Hearty welcome

Make sure to congratulate the employee on receiving a new job so that they feel like they are a part of the team. Place an announcement that they are starting at your firm on your social media pages or even send out an announcement tweet.

2. Get started

Set up their new email with their correct full name as they can get into the swing of things on day one. Arrange a starter package for them that includes their mobile phone, laptop, new business cards and personalised message pads. These etiquettes will make them feel like they are already an important part of the company and motivate them to perform their best.

3. Familiarize them

Set up an introductory lunch with their immediate bosses and team members in a casual setting, to ease the employee’s nerves and familiarize them with everyone.

4. Make them feel at home

Send them the brand/company merchandise like T-shirts, phone cases or water bottles, etc to make them feel like a part of the organisation.

5. Give them a tour

Take them on an office tour to every room, the pantry, washrooms etc, so they are well acquainted with the office premises.

6. Have them come prepared

Send your employees the pre-training sessions before hand, so they spend less time with the training after they join and come prepared.

7. Update them

Make sure to email all the rules and regulations like office timings, dress code, holiday calendars and office etiquettes to the employee before they start work, so they know what to expect.

8. Encourage interpersonal interaction

Involve current employees in the process of pre-boarding too, so the employee can connect with their colleagues and be more comfortable on the job without feeling left out.

9. Store their information

Collect their personal information for the payday process like their bank account numbers so that they can receive their salary smoothly.

An HR has a huge role in employee retention and performance, as they are in charge to make them feel included and comfortable. These simple tips can facilitate smooth on-boarding to help make employees feel at ease even before they begin work and thereby, bring positive outcomes.

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