5 Things You Need to Know: Best People Practices for HR Managers

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The quality of HR managers depends on their ability to handle every corporate situation with ease. From recruiting a workforce to maintaining a peaceful environment in the office, all fall under the responsibility of HR. Leadership abilities, calm mind, technical thinking and a strong sense of authority is expected in a good HR Manager.

All the metropolitan cities in India, such as Mumbai have a huge demand for HR services. An HR must be able to look at the end-to-end process, from talent acquisition to talent retention while maintaining harmony amongst the workforce. However, proficient management by HR can be achieved by following these 5 people practices.

  • Sourcing the Right People

The success of a corporation depends on the performance of its employees. Thus, when it comes to recruiting or selecting candidates for a company, HR people practices come in handy. An efficient HR team conducts well defined series of interviews to assess the best suited candidate for the role and the organization at large. An HR Manager must have the eye to search for a best suited talented candidate that matches the company’s profile.

  • Continuous Training and development

The hiring of employees is just the beginning of HR responsibilities. Training and development are part of the best HR practices. HR Managers are expected to arrange appropriate training workshops for the employees at various levels of the organization to ensure growth and learning for their workforce. HR agencies must focus on skill-specific training. With the increase in competition, it is essential to encourage the employees along with engaging them in a healthy work environment.

  • Transparent communication at all levels

HR Managers must be transparent in their communication with employees as it affects their overall performance. The clarity of communication in the organization enables the employees to see the larger picture. HR Managers must be clear in communicating all aspects of information concerning the employees. They are the link between the top management and the employees. Thus, one of the best human resource practices is maintaining clear communication with the workforce.

  • Motivating & improving productivity through Employee benefits

HR best practices also include appointing certain benefits to the employees. HR needs to strategically plan out the benefits that should be given to the employees. The benefits should be such that it upholds the company goals and also motivates the employees. It is essential to choose the right type of benefits that prove the value of the employees. Most importantly it might just help to retain the best workers and may also increase productivity.

  • Collaborate and confront

HR Managers can help resolve friction between teams by efficient conflict management. This will help teams to feel valued & heard. HR Managers must also promote a collaborative environment by encouraging teams to work together, communicate effectively and encourage them to socialize outside of work.

As the job market is becoming more competitive, the role of HRs may also demand more than what was expected pre-covid times. However, a person with these people practices can easily flourish in HR services in not only in metro cities like Mumbai but also elsewhere.


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