Senior Management Talks on Maintaining Productivity During Covid-19

During this tough time where businesses are facing challenges; we thought it would be more helpful to gain some in-depth insights from the top management who are well-adept with the industries and work. With our new series on #PromptProductivity, we spoke with some key people in our organization, for a detailed chat on how current scenarios has impacted productivity levels. We had a talk with our Executive Director, Mrs. Monisha Basakhetre who heads Permanent Recruitment vertical at Prompt Personnel, to know her take on achieving productivity levels during Covid-19.

It is a tough time for the workforce of all levels, especially for you. How are you coping with this sudden, unprecedented challenge, in terms of managing work from home? How has the current situation impacted productivity levels in your department?

Yes, it is indeed a tough time, but tough times do not last; tough people do. And, I am sure this time too shall pass away As far as teams working in Prompt Personnel are concerned, as soon as it was announced that Pan India offices of Prompt Personnel shall start WFH there was preparedness from day one. I still remember the last day when we were winding up operations in office. Everyone was on their toes grabbing their dairies, papers, files, notes whatever they felt was important, no one knew what was coming in the next few days or what was work from home culture or for how many days would we be under lockdown. There was an air of excitement ,a beginning of something new and fear of the unknown . Dedicated Admin and IT team were working night and day to set up systems in individual homes, software, technology infrastructure and all that was needed to make work for employees as comfortable as possible. Loads of detailed planning went into this process every minute detail was checked with accuracy alertness and promptness, there were absolutely no compromises in any way by the management and the Task force.. The whole purpose was to make sure employees working from home had no difficulties whatsoever. Technology was a big game changer This surely helped for smooth transition of work from office to work from home.

How are you managing your employees and their work from home? How are you overcoming these challenges to ensure regular flow of work?

Work from home has been a new journey of mixed feelings for employees. It has been filled with excitement, fear of failing sometimes , uncertainties of deliverables, happiness in achievement of tasks . However, it has not been as difficult as it seemed. Teams were quick to adapt to their new work culture of WFM as their Reporting Managers and the Head of the department were in constant touch with them. They made sure to follow a structured format of daily con calls with MIS reports weekly, interactions through emails zoom calls to keep in touch with each other. An eagle eye on the workflow process, was maintained by Leaders clear communication with minute detailing of the work was done. at all times empathy and patience by the Leaders for some delays in work has all helped the teams to perform and work well productively. As a matter of fact, the teams have bonded well helping each other during these tough times .. I can proudly mention here that productivity and efficiency has gone up from the time we have started work from home.

How are you ensuring good performance despite the situation and work for clients?

We have made sure to be in touch with all our clients and customers through emails and con calls. Effective and Transparent Communication was adopted , persuasive methods of follow up calls and emails with clients and customers for feedback was followed diligently We spoke with empathy and gave a patient hearing to all concerned in the current situation …Technology and digitzation of processes kept up the morale and positivity of work from home for the teams ..Recruiters were told to show care and empathy while interacting with candidates looking for jobs, maintaining strong follow ups with both candidates and clients, Payroll Executives were asked to go that extra mile to help during payouts of salaries for our Temp associates . Sourcing strategies were discussed regularly during team con calls to ensure quick turnaround time and ensure genuine candidates are on board. Strong bonding handholding methodologies were discussed within the teams which has surely helped them to work and perform better.

What techniques are you implementing/implemented to ensure productivity and efficiency?

Speed and accuracy in communication have been implemented for better productivity. Also, transparency in all transactions has helped to build trust and camaraderie among team members. Daily updates on work performance has also helped in closing loose ends and ensure maximum productivity. Constant communication between Clients Leaders and team members through calls and emails has helped to keep up the productivity and morale of the employees.

What tip would you give to professionals out there and to top-level management to maintain productivity even in this situation?

“Change is the new constant.” It is always better to embrace new changes with a positive and open mind. Meticulous planning and discipline help to prepare for the way forward in the current uncertain situations we are facing today.

Empowering employees to complete their tasks, trust, and empathy in their work performances, constant mentoring, and guidance to them, as Leaders is very important.

Handholding with team bonding to bring effectiveness into work. Also, helping them organize work flow charts ,to do lists , prioritize work in a scheduled manner, so that they bring in discipline and positivity to their work schedules.

Mental , Physical , Emotional health and well being of employees has to be kept in mind by the Leaders of the company while re-framing policies and processes..

The pandemic has been an unprecedented situation for not just companies but also employees. What everyone needs at this point is to keep Trust transparent communication empathy and care for each other during these testing times ..These are a few of my thoughts to share with the Leaders and their teams in the industry..


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