How to Overcome Recruitment & Attrition Problems

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Running a business is not a cakewalk and there are several critical factors to think about to grow and sustain your business. These critical factors include employee retention issues and recruitment concerns among many others. These are the two major factors that may affect the growth of the organization and hence needs to be rectified on time and needs to be overcome as soon as possible.

In this blog, we will understand how to overcome the recruitment and attrition problems in your organization with the support of an HR consultant. To overcome recruitment problems below are the methods that a leading HR consultancy might follow.

Developed talent pool

A talent pool is nothing but a group of candidates you have engaged who can fill out the future positions in your company and this can usually help reduce the time to hire and recruit. It is because you will already have the pre-screened candidates in your pipeline whenever a job role is opened. 

Give training to the hiring teams

In an organization, experienced hiring managers, as well as interviewers, may also need to develop and sharpen their recruiting skills. To train your hiring team, you can arrange mock interviews, instruct them on how to prepare better for interviews while giving them a checklist, dividing the recruiting resources. 

Incorporate different recruiting strategies

It is always better to advertise on a job board that will bring good candidates for your organization. However, you can use social media to post your jobs or to promote your company. Additionally, to encourage more applicants, you can showcase the vibrant culture of your organization along with its benefits and employee testimonials on your website.

Now let us discuss attrition. 

There are several ways why attrition takes place in an organization, that include lack of recognition, lack of employee benefits, absence of training and development seminars, and more. 

Systematic resignation and retirement plans

For better management, the HR team must have a clear picture of the employees who are about to resign or retire. This will give it an estimate of the people who are resigning and retiring in the next few months to prepare the strategies for the lay off of the experienced employees. 

A flawless recruitment strategy

To overcome employee attrition, you must first consider recruitment as one of the most important areas to deal with. If you have a sturdy recruitment strategy with proper policies already mentioned, employees may get a clear idea of the organization and its work.

Switch within the departments

Experts have studied that employee attrition occurs mostly when employees seek a change in their career and leave the job.

However, if your organization is offering the employees an option of a change of department within the company itself then it will undoubtedly give your employees a lot of freedom. This will automatically reduce the number of voluntary resignations and the turnover rates.


With the above-mentioned strategies, we can deal with the attrition and recruitment problems. Even though the strategies may take some time initially, but will undoubtedly turn to be the ever best solutions for your organization!


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